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Just Say No To Stimulus Funds . . .

Reported by Ellen - February 20, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

If I had a Fox News style crawl across this post, it would say, “Is Mark Sanford’s Opposition to Stimulus Money Driven by His Political Ambition Rather Than the Best Interests of a State that had the Nation’s Third Highest Unemployment Rate In December?” Sean Hannity and South Carolina Governor Sanford hashed out the stimulus on Wednesday night's (2/18/09) Hannity, with Sanford stating that he “may or may not” take the stimulus money for his state. With video.

Well, I should think not . . . When you proudly give the President a big “goose egg,” the obvious return should be the same - a big goose egg. Republican Don Young of Arkansas - goose egg; John Mica of Florida - goose egg; Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri . . . Well, okay, none of the Republicans -- governors or congress people who voted down the stimulus - should take anything! Have a little integrity, folks.

Of course, Sanford didn’t completely rule out the idea of taking some of that “socialist” money that comes from a stimulus package full of liberal pork projects. I mean, he has to look at all the pages of the bill and “see what works, what doesn't work” (and here’s betting he'll be able to live with both). On Hannity, Sanford called the stimulus a “stupid idea” that would damage the economy and the capitalist system, and went on to say that Republicans “made the stand to stop it where we could.” (So, that means you’re turning it down flat, right, despite your state’s economic difficulties?)

Hannity, out to score points against Obama, however remote to the subject at hand, offered this weighty thought: “What does the world think of the President of the United States talking down the economy the way he is every day?”

Sanford replied that talking down the economy is never good, and that “frightening people” is counter-productive. Thanks for the tip, Gov, ‘cause I never would have been frightened of the tanking economy (you know, the one that’s crashing around us and is in the news each and every day) if I hadn’t heard President Obama talk about it in his speeches. Oh, and I imagine the world leaders were completely oblivious to the economic CRISIS in our country until they saw one of his speeches on YouTube. (Hannity, in a new spin on an old theme, counted the number of times the President used the word “crisis” in his speech - he said 25, but I only counted 22 - and, gosh, isn’t it okay to say it if we’re really in one?)

No Fair and Balanced Hannity or Fox News show would be complete, though, without a swipe at the Administration’s handling of the mortgage CRISIS, and Sanford made the same old tired statement about responsible people bailing out irresponsible people, blah blah blah (irresponsible people being solely the borrowers, not the banks). Oh, but he did say something that I think you’ll be hearing more of on Fox News and in the Talking Points (some other Fox Newsie said it earlier) - “moral hazard,” as in bailing out borrowers that are irresponsible or basically giving money to anyone they deem unworthy. (I guess there’s no moral hazard, though, in bailing out Wall Street.)

Ironically, Hannity and Sanford put their heads together and cited Governors Perry (governor of Texas, a state that has an unemployment trust fund facing an October deficit of $749.5 million, as projected by the Texas Workforce Commission), Pawlenty (governor of Minnesota, a state with a nearly $7 billion budget deficit) and Palin (who has to pay back taxes on $17,000 just deemed to be not legitimate business expenses) as . . . responsible.