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Hannity And FOX Egging On Rants Against Obama

Reported by Ellen - February 20, 2009 -

The "fair and balanced" folks at FOX News are seeking opinions of President Obama's housing plan, but only from those who want to go on camera expressing their "outrage." The Hannity page at FOXNews.com has a big graphic with the headline, Call to Action. The announcement says, "Sean wants to hear from YOU: For today only, we'd like you to send us a video clip of just how outraged you are over President Obama's $275 billion housing bailout plan. Click here to submit your rant and you could be featured on tonight's show." Funny how they are only looking for one opinion, only, and not just a disagreement with Obama but a rant against his policy. Way to go showing how "pro-America" you are, guys! Screen grab after the jump.