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Megyn Kelly Has A Pet Over PETA

Reported by Ellen - February 19, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

After seeing some of Megyn Kelly's cleavage- revealing images all over the internet (including a titillating photo featuring Kelly, another woman and ONE GUY) it’s kind of surprising that she’s now so morally repulsed by the PETA ad playing in El Paso. With video.

The moral righteousness of Kelly knew no bounds today as she attacked well-spoken, intelligent PETA spokesperson Lisa Lange (who held her own beautifully) about the ad featuring two women clad in bikini lingerie (less sexy than you see at most beaches) lying on a bed kissing. “If you have little children you may not want them to see this,” Kelly warned ominously. Well, yeah, that’s true if you’re a closed-minded homophobe and you’re trying to raise your kids in an opaque bubble.

In her schoolmarm voice, Kelly accused Lange of simply trying to “titillate” to send the PETA message. The crawl read: Do PETA’s methods to protect animals cross the line?

Lange replied, “Yes, absolutely, and it works.”

Lange explained that PETA uses the sexuality as an attention-grabber, but many people stop and hear the message - often leaving with a vegetarian starter kit. She went on to say that ¼ of all men will be impotent by age 60, and that vegetarian diets help -- to which Kelly showed her true homophobic colors by asking, if that were true, why not show a man and a woman kissing, why two women? Lange seemed genuinely amused at Kelly’s pseudo-morality and sexual naivete, and simply stated that vegetarians do make better lovers, that it’s an attractive message to men (as if Kelly didn’t know woman-on-woman is every guy’s secret fantasy) and that some of their ads are men and men, some men and women, and some, like this one, featured females.

Kelly sternly lectured: “I’m an animal lover . . . But I eat meat . . . a lot of people are offended by your group,” and went on to say, “A lot of our viewers don’t want to see it.”

Okay, then don’t look (probably half of Fox News’ moral majority audience made a special trip to El Paso JUST to see it). Lange told Kelly, “If it didn’t work we wouldn’t do it,” and went on to say that the Super Bowl commercial got 3 million hits at PETA.org. She said most of the viewers “saw humor in it.” Lange cautioned Kelly -- much to Kelly’s obvious irritation -- that people should “relax, be a little bit less uptight.”

Kelly, in her infinite uptight-ness, told Lange that “a lot of our viewers are . . . Fun people and they’re not uptight.” (Can we say irony, anyone?) Kelly, with an edge in her voice (more than usual) and obviously growing defensive at this woman’s very cool, calm, suave demeanor, said that PETA makes people feel like “scum of the earth” for eating animal products.

Lange, somewhat patronizingly (you go, girl), calmly responded that she believed that was a very defensive way of looking at it, to which Kelly practically screeched that “we’re defensive! You’re on the offensive!” Lange never rose to the bait, even when Kelly wrapped it up with a real whopper: That “most studies say” that PETA’s message -- that one “must be a vegan in order to be healthy” (Lange never said vegan and never said must) -- is “absolutely false.”