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Fox News Has No Opinion on NY Post Racist Chimp “Cartoon”

Reported by Alex - February 19, 2009 -

On Wednesday February 18th , Rupert Murdoch rag the NY Post published a “cartoon” showing two white police officers standing over the body of a dead, bullet-riddled chimp. One holds a smoking gun and the other is saying, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill." Har de har.

If you don't think it's so funny, you can protest via ColorOfChange.org.

Update: NY Post Apologizes - sort of - well, not really.

The editor-in-chief of the Post, Col Allan, denies any wrongdoing or racist intent in publishing this “cartoon”, saying that it “is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy.”

Right. We’ve seen before how the radical right and its media mouthpieces such as Murdoch’s NY Post and Fox News (notably Bill “M-Fer, I want more iced tea" O’Reilly and Sean “Hal Who?” Hannity ) throw up their hands in feigned innocence when defending racist propaganda published in the guise of “satire” or stated as “just sayin’." And the NY Post has a history of publishing tasteless, racist, homophobic cartoons by Sean Delonas, the hack who drew the chimp cartoon, and then standing whistling at the sky when the complaints come rolling in.

And where is Murdoch “news” network Fox on this topic? Nowhere to be seen, so far. Neither Hannity nor O’Reilly tackled this issue last night, though it is entirely possible that they are waiting until Juan Williams or Jesse Lee Peterson is available to come and tell all those angry black people and pc police that they should really get with the program and stop being so over-sensitive. Meanwhile, over at FoxNews.com they have this wire piece from the AP, and this article in the Politics section, which drew, among other comments, the following old, history-ignorant (or willfully history-ignoring) canards:

- A quick google search shows 970,000 hits for President Bush chimp. Now suddenly the same free speech has become racist and disrespectful?

- Hey Oversensitive Morons: Getting down to brass tacks, if you'll look at who "wrote" the stim bill, it was Pelosi and Reid. That's who's being lampooned here. Incidentally, those two meatheads happen to be WHITE. Kinda blows your 'racist' argument out of the water. You guys can't think straight enough to even determine who's being made fun of. A 12 year old could figure this one out. But I guess a 12 year old doesn't have your agenda to promulgate. Any time a primate is mentioned it is not a racist attack on your beloved lord and savior Barackus Maximus Messianus. I think Freud said, "Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey." Or was it Jung?

- We can find old political cartoons of Presidents, including Abe Lincoln, portrayed as monkeys. Obama is not protected by any special considerations. His race is not a factor. I have seen the hated one "Bush" protrayed as a monkey in cartoons and I don`t recall any protest.

(I didn’t check GretaWire but I can just imagine what’s going on over there. Perhaps one of our kind readers will look there so I don’t have to.)

As ColorOfChange.Org says,

"The Post would have us believe that the cartoon is not about Obama. But on the page just before the cartoon appears, there's a big picture of Obama signing the stimulus bill. A reader paging through the Post would see Obama putting pen to paper, then turn the page to see this violent cartoon. The imagery is chilling.

"There is a clear history in our country of racist symbolism that depicts Black people as apes or monkeys, and it came up multiple times during the presidential campaign.

"We're also in a time of increased race-based violence. In the months following President Obama's election there has been a nationwide surge in hate crimes ranging from vandalism to assaults to arson on Black churches. There has been an unprecedented number of threats against President Obama since he was elected, with hate-based groups fantasizing about the killing of the president. Just a week ago, a man drove from Louisiana to the Capitol with a rifle, telling the police who stopped him that he had a "delivery" for the president.

"There is no excuse for the Post to have allowed this cartoon to be printed, and even less for Editor Col Allan's outright dismissal of Black concerns.

"But let's be clear who's behind the Post: Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, the Post's owner, is the man behind FOX News Channel. FOX has continually attacked and denigrated Black people, politicians, institutions at every opportunity, and ColorOfChange has run several campaigns to make clear how FOX poisons public debate."

ColorOf Change.org have organized a petition calling for an unreserved apology and for the person ultimately responsible for the publication of this cartoon to be fired. You can access it here. Pass it on.