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Fox News “Grapevine” Fires Shot In “Culture War” Against Hollywood

Reported by Priscilla - February 17, 2009 -

“Liberal Hollywood” is one of the top categories on the right wing blacklist (it’s so McCarthy) and Fox News, being the mouthpiece for today’s conservative base, is always happy to aid and abet in the scapegoating of those who are deemed anathema. So I wasn’t surprised to see Janeane Garofalo get a mention on last week’s (February 13th) “Grapevine.” As I have noted, “Grapevine” does its propaganda in short, easily digestible sound bites and frequently features what they consider silly, biased, and otherwise uninformed comments made by liberals, especially Hollywood liberals. But wait, “silly, biased, and otherwise uninformed - oh, I feel a little irony coming on!

The title of the segment was “Hollywood Wisdom” (see – Fox can use irony, too!) The comment made by Ms. Garofalo could, arguably by described as a “broad brushed” attack on conservatives. It certainly has the pitchfork gang riled up over at Bozell’s “Newsbusters” site! She told an interviewer with ecorazzi.com that "The reason a person is a conservative Republican is because something is wrong with them. That's science — that's neuroscience. You cannot be well adjusted, open-minded, pluralistic, enlightened and be a Republican. It's counterintuitive." She also committed the sin of insulting Sarah Palin: "She's small-minded and mean-spirited...There's definitely something wrong with her." (Comment: apart from the “something wrong with her” I would agree with her assessment!) Bret Baier mentioned that Garofalo’s “gig” is Fox’s 24 which “is a favorite with conservatives.” The entire interview, which contained some very valid criticism, not quoted on “Grapevine,” can be found here.

Comment: Garofalo is a liberal actress who made a subjective, disparaging statement about conservatives to an interviewer from a "green gossip" website. “Journalists” and their guests on Fox News frequently make subjective, disparaging comments about liberals on a daily, national media forum and that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Right wing hate radio jocks can say that “liberalism is a mental disorder” and that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Jon Voight is a conservative actor who occasionally makes disparaging remarks about liberals and that doesn’t seem to be a big deal on the so called liberal media. But when George Clooney, Sean Pean, Cher, and now Janeane Garofalo dare to utter anything contemptuous of conservatives, Fox is all over it like flies on a Bill O’Reilly book. Who cares what actors say and do? They’re not trying to sucker in the suckers like Fox News. What is rather amusing is that featuring Garofalo saying something “bad” could have a deleterious affect on 24 (part of the Murdoch empire) as indicated by this culture warrior on the Newsbusters blog: “Smarty, the folks running that show ruined it. I already decided to pass on this season, when I saw that ugly little head in her first episode. Seems like this was career welfare for the little tart.” (And lest Bill O’Reilly think that only “liberal loons” write nasty stuff here’s another comment from “Jebster”: “Oh stfu you ugly phucking kunt...) In reading the rest of the comments from the “family values” crowd, I’m beginning to think that Janeane might be right! The other chyron for Baier’s segment was “know your audience” – and Fox, having learned from PT Barnum and Joseph Goebbels, knows exactly what gets the pitchfork gang salivating.

And one more thing. As I noted, “Grapevine” does love to feature “silly” statements made by liberals. Wonder if we’ll see this “silly” and uninformed question asked by a Kansas state senator during a discussion of legislation which would prohibit discrimination based on sexual preference. Republican Senator Dennis Pyle said: “Would that protect bestiality?” Ya think that “Grapevine” will feature that gem? Actually, Bill O’Reilly would proclaim him a “patriot!”