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Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

Glenn Beck sounded the alarm on his radio show last week (2/13/09) to alert the country that Phoenix, Arizona, has the second highest incidence of kidnappings in the WORLD (supposedly 359 last year), second only to Mexico City. “Our Republic is at stake,“ he cried in fright. So we see where this is going . . . See, the Mexicans cross the border -- could they be fleeing the violence in Mexico, seeking refuge in the United States as generations have done before, looking for work that guys like Glenn Beck would turn up their noses at? No, according to Beck they’re all (his emphasis, not mine) involved with drugs.

Beck could barely control the quaver in his voice as he led the call for Americans to fear a Mexican takeover of the United States, calling it “spillover violence” (meaning what, that any Mexican this side of the border is, like, a gunfire magnet)? Texas officials, according to Beck, are joining in the hysteria, wondering what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States, ‘cause that old spillover violence will just ooze all over everyone. And call me crazy, but it seems to me that if the Mexicans are crossing the border to the U.S. to ESCAPE the violence in Mexico, it’s not exactly their fault if the drug cartels continue to conduct their dirty border business in their wake.

Beck quoted the Vice President of Defense and Foreign Policy of the Cato Institute as saying that “worst case scenario,” Mexico will be the western hemisphere’s equivalent of Somalia, with “massive violence” and “massive chaos.” According to Beck, 5300 people were killed in Mexico last year “in connection with criminal activities.“ To hear Beck tell it, nobody dies of, like, cancer or car accidents in Mexico; no women are killed from domestic violence (happens a lot here); nobody is killed in drunken bar fights (happens a lot here, and even with WHITE GUYS); no, everyone who is killed in Mexico is killed -- and we must whisper here -- because they‘re involved with drugs.

Guy, these people are just coming here to find a better life, not as drones or heat-seeking missiles to lead the drug cartel bad guys right to us.

Mr. “I am a Libertarian” Beck declared that “this would clearly require military response from the United States," and declared ominously that the cops don’t need rifles to counteract these Mexican banditos, they need fully automatic weapons. To add a little nastiness to the broadcast, Beck brought in traffic-scofflaw and Mexican basher Darryl Ankarlo from KTAR in Phoenix (a comrade in the crusade to tar and feather Mexicans) to further the conspiracy theory -- you know, how McCain and Obama buried these kidnapping statistics during the campaign, nobody was talking about it, because it’s just so HORRIBLE and, well, gosh, it’ll make the country look bad. Everybody knows, Glenn, nobody in this country ever wants to talk about anything bad. “How is it possible,” Beck pontificated, “that Americans don’t know that one person a day is kidnapped in a city like Phoenix, Arizona?”

You know, Glenn, it could be because, despite your claim that Phoenix is the Kidnap Capital of the World, according to the statistics compiled by CQ Press using FBI data (2008 City Crime Rankings), Phoenix isn’t even in the top 20 cities for the greatest number of violent crimes. Not even in the top 50, Glenn. In fact, Phoenix is #65 on the list of 385. Dallas and Houston, other cities in mortal danger of Mexican invasion and takeover, are #34 and #48, respectively. #1 is New Orleans and #2 is Camden, New Jersey, and the last time I looked at a map, Glenn, neither one is bumping up against Mexico.

Transcript of the show here.