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Stamford Mayor Knocks Doocy and Fox to the Canvas

Reported by Alex - February 16, 2009 -

Stamford, Connecticut's Democratic mayor, Dannel P. Malloy, kicked some serious Fox "News” posterior Monday morning (Feb.16th) when he steamrolled right over Steve Doocy's "spendulous" talking points with some real life facts and left him gasping. For his knockout performance, Dannell Malloy is our new Top Dog!
With video.

As Doocy introduced Mayor Malloy, the chyron asked - and answered - this question: "Stimulus spending: What do some cities want money for? Serious Pork." Having set up the visual cue for the faithful and saved them from having to think too much on a holiday morning, Doocy then told them that the city of Stamford has asked for $15 million for "a turf field".

Normally, a Democrat appearing on Fox would have an uphill battle from that point as the host bloviates, interrupts, finger-points, trivializes and/or sneers, but Malloy was ready and launched his counter-offensive straight away, telling Doocy that his opening statement was "utterly and fantastically ridiculous". From then on in, Malloy kept Doocy grimacing, staggering and on the ropes.

Dannel Malloy (bio here) is no stranger to political fisticuffs. A lawyer and former Brooklyn D.A. who is on his fourth term as mayor of Stamford, he was named to the Democratic Leadership Council’s list of "100 New Democrats to Watch" in 2000 and 2003, and currently has his sights set on the governorship of Connecticut. One has to wonder -- is the rising star of this energetic Democrat one reason he and his city were singled out for special attention from the Stooges?

Malloy is passionate about environmental issues and his commitment to energy independence comes through in one of the projects he wants to fund with stimulus money -- an energy plant that would run on dried wastewater and create up to 120 jobs. In addition to the energy plant, the mayor listed building schools, putting in new technology and increasing "access to great schools for our young people"; replacing the windows in a school constructed in 1932; sidewalk repairs; road repairs; and general building and repair of infrastructure, which, he said, receives less funding in the US than in any other industrialized nation. While Malloy talked about this, the chyron read, "$15 million for 100 jobs? Mayor wants stimulus $$$ for turf field - Serious Pork".

A full list of the proposed stimulus requests by the city of Stamford - including funding for sewers, a forensic DNA unit, traffic light emergency backup systems, a Homeland Security emergency response team, Neighborhood Watch patrols, gang rehabilitation and mentoring programs, and foreign language training for police - can be seen here. And as for the "turf field" -- that's fields, plural, as the mayor pointed out -- the conversion of playing fields to turf has been an ongoing process in Stamford since the early 2000's when the first three were installed out of city capital funds. The use of synthetic infill turf results in a drastic reduction in injuries, a longer playing season and less time off due to unplayable surfaces, and have become essential for any town which wants to compete with the teams from surrounding towns reaping the benefits of their own new fields.

But back to the fight: when Doocy focused on the "$15 million turf field" (singular) to the exclusion of the many other worthy projects in the Stamford proposal, Malloy hit him with a haymaker (which, by the way, does not appear in the transcript ): "What you want to do, Steve, and I watch you do it all the time, is you want to nitpick; what we want to do in America, is, we want to rebuild America." As Doocy did his best gasping goldfish imitation (you have to see the video to appreciate this), the chyron read, "Are you serious?" Yes, Steve, we are, but the question is - are you?

In closing, Doocy claimed that all he wanted to do was ensure that the money being requested was being spent wisely and would create jobs. Malloy's reply - the bulk of which is also mysteriously missing from the automatically generated (but edited - gee, how strange!!!) transcript - was the knockout blow: " Its kind of a game where you pick out something that you don't personally like, and then want to make a big deal about it; it doesn't make any sense. It's part of what the networks... you know, you just had somebody on before me that talked about the alphabet networks - well, F-O-X is an alphabet too - you just want to play a game! This is not a 'gotcha' game, it's a 'build infrastructure' game!"

A very impressive performance by Dannel Malloy, whatever you might think about politicians or synthetic turf. Now that he's warmed up on Doocy, lets see him go toe-to-toe with O'Reilly and Hannity. I know who my money will be on.

(If you would like to congratulate the mayor on his hard-hitting performance the email address for his executive aide is AReich@ci.stamford.ct.us )