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Glenn Beck Likens Obama To Heroin Pusher

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

Glenn "I'm not going to share my toys" Beck is at it again, hammering away at Obama's sensitivity and charity toward the plight of suffering people in this country. On Beck's February 11th broadcast, he spent much of the time mocking the people at the town hall meetings who were emotional in their thanks to President Obama for his dedication and support of them in some pretty rough times. Beck rolled out the name-calling, starting with the oh-so-stale "Marxist" and "socialist," and going on to call Obama a . . . heroin dealer?

Yup, Beck equates Obama's stimulus and heightened assistance to the poor, unemployed, homeless, generally the downtrodden that Americans - since this country began - have helped get a leg up, to getting people all "strung out" on, okay, not really heroin, but big government, which in Beck's view is the same difference.

Citing the movie "Taken," (two young girls kidnapped into a prostitution ring where they use heroin addiction as the big equalizer) he ranted that Obama is hooking people on governmental help (oh, horrors) to make them easier to manage, you know, when he rolls out his Marxist platform and starts putting anti-socialist thinkers into detention camps and jail.

Beck had nothing but scorn for the guy who, after working at McDonald's for four years, just wanted some health care - how dare he! - and former drug addict, Jack Daniels guzzling Glenn's advice to this kid was to keep working, keep going to school, and "the benefits are the benefits." This from a guy who reportedly admitted that he spent more time in the parking lot than in school.

And then there was the family living in a small vehicle, asking for urgent help to improve their situation. Beck ridiculed the notion that the President could help them - or should help them. Said Beck: "I think the best way of doing good for the poor is to not make it easy in poverty but to lead people out, drive them out of poverty, make them uncomfortable."

Okay, so being uncomfortable, living in a car will somehow translate into a drive to get a job, find a home, improve the family's station in life? I mean, come on, Glenn, they're already living in a car, so how much more uncomfortable can they be? And thus far, it hasn't translated into anything other than more discomfort and the disdain of people like you with the "gotta pull yourself up by the bootstraps" mentality.

Hey, Glenn, not all rich people earned their money and there are plenty of Americans in dire economic straits who need and deserve help. You didn't even bother to investigate the situations of these people you mock. How do you know the McDonald's worker's job opportunities were not limited by needing a flexible schedule in order to care for a sick family member? Or because of some physical handicap? And if that McDonald's worker becomes sick and doesn't go to the doctor because of the cost, and ends up spreading an illness, that would just be a better economic stimulus for everyone to get out of poverty, eh? Hope you're ready to walk around with a face mask and latex gloves because I'm not.