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Glenn Beck Aids Christian Right In Smearing Deputy Attorney General Nominee David Ogden

Reported by Priscilla - February 13, 2009 -

There’s a culture war going on and Fox News provides willing foot soldiers in the ongoing Manichean struggle of good (read Christian right) and evil (read anything said or done by Barack Obama). Not surprisingly, Glenn Beck presented a totally unfair and unbalanced segment in support of this ongoing cosmic conflict whose heavenly hosts are gearing up to fight the nomination of the Christian right’s newest boogy man, David Ogden, as the number two person in the office of the Attorney General- an office that, during the last eight years, was involved in winks and nods to such non Christian activities like torture. (But they did have “affirmative action” for conservatives in the hiring practices so I guess Jesus was happy) It appears that the pitchfork brigade is quite upset about Ogden (who has already been attacked by Fox News and is being called “the porno lawyer" on right wing and anti choice Christian blogs) being connected to the evil ACLU, as well as Planned Parenthood, and other salacious forces that are trying to undermine the world as we know it – and so is Glenn Beck!

On Tuesday night’s (February 10th) Glenn Beck bizarro world show, Beck (who never attended college let alone law school) set himself up as the “judge” in the trial of Glenn Beck. His “prosecuting attorney” was real time attorney and right wing apologist, Kimberly Guilfoyle – note that there was no “defense” so it was truly a “kangaroo court.” Beck, who does appear to have some serious paranoia issues, began by asking her if she “feared for the country” as Ogden could “make it to the Supreme Court.” He then set the stage by saying “what do Playboy, Penthouse, and the ACLU have common?” The answer, of course, is David Ogden. Guilfoyle informed the scared audience that Ogden presented “20 cases of merit” to the Supreme Court. She noted that people should “be concerned, as citizens that this type of person” is being nominated. She then claimed that Ogden “opposed obscenity enforcement” and “supported child pornography.” She added that he fought “reasonable restrictions to protect children from pornographers in libraries” and as such “libraries are not longer safe for children.” According to Guilfoyle, he committed the sin of suing the government to publish Playboy in braille at taxpayers expense” and this is a “huge problem.” He also committed the sin of arguing that parental notification on abortion was “an unconconstitutional burden” and breathlessly exclaimed, “Shouldn’t parents be involved with the lives of their children.” (Guilfoyle should know, as a former California resident, that the state Supreme Court agreed with Ogden’s position when they overturned the parental consent law). Beck “joked” that they “don’t need notification if they want their ears pierced.”

If there were a “defense” attorney present, she or he might have said “objection, your honor” as the “facts” being presented were totally unsupported by hard evidence. Is there now some kind of religious “litmus” test for administration positions? Are only those with conservative Christian views considered worthy? One suspects that if one checked the legal work done by Bush administration lawyers, one might find some dirty laundry. Defending civil and reproductive liberties is important; but somehow First Amendment rights don’t seem to be priority with the culture warriors. Thanks to former Fox employee, Alan Colmes, we have the reality based side of the story which includes “respectable industries” that Ogden defended. What Guilfoyle didn’t say, in her screed about Ogden making libraries unsafe for kids, is that “installing content filters would have prevented access to legal material by a wide range of Americans, not just children, and federal funds would have been denied to institutions that didn’t comply, which would have had a deleterious affect, especially in disadvantaged communities.” (Note to Alan: your lone liberal voice is sorely missed.) But who needs facts when you have propaganda to push. Christian conservatives ran the White House for 8 years. It’s over – but not on Fox News!