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More Weird History According To Professor Larry Schweikart On Fox&Friends

Reported by Priscilla - February 12, 2009 -

Remember when the gang at Fox News was all agitated about college professor Ward Churchill? Churchill had made some arguably inappropriate comments in an essay about 9-11. He was later fired from the University of Colorado at Boulder for research misconduct. Yet, Fox News employs a professor from the University of Dayton, on a weekly basis, to make claims that certain textbooks are “liberal lies.” While he speaks, the non subliminal right wing propaganda messages are placed at the bottom of the screen. Professor Larry Schweikart has a national platform from which to indoctrinate viewers about his very right wing worldview while smearing textbooks used by many school districts – all without having to discuss the issues with other history professors, representatives from the publishing houses, teachers, and school committee members. While Fox pundits (such as they are) bray about liberal professors pushing leftist points in the privacy of their classrooms, Schweikart has Fox News to push his points. That doesn’t seem very fair and balanced to me.

Last week’s Schweikart seventh session (February 4th) was same old, same old. Here are all the chyrons used and you tell me if it’s one sided propaganda: “Liberal Bias in Books, Textbook Case of Bias, Liberal Ideology Taught in US Classes; Teaching Propaganda, Controversy Over Errors and Bias in Books; Accuracy in Academia, How Textbooks Distort US History; Liberal Bias in Books, Common Myths Learned in School; Defending America’s Past, Debunking Liberal Bias Taught in Schools.” Five unchallenged assertions -Yup that’s really fair and balanced!

MENSA member and former weather guy Steve Doocy did his usual biased and ominous introduction: “Books your kids are learning from could be filled with lies and distortions.” He did his usual “call and response” method of interviewing with staged questions like, “I don’t get how these people can write these books with these blatant errors.” Of course, the errors are defined by Larry Schweikart so, ipso facto, that makes it true. Larry complained that “The American Journey’s” question of “what area of government spending was likely to increase greatly when property taxes go down.” While Doocy giggled, Schweikart informed us that spending never increases when taxes go down. Larry was upset that “The American Promise” said that “Oliver North was convicted” and (according to Larry) didn’t mention that the conviction was overturned. Once again the “sentence” is set against a blurred background so you can’t tell what else was written. But the best part of it was when Schweikart claimed that “Call to Freedom” was wrong when it stated that “Christopher Columbus was “the first European explorer to land in the Americas” as Leif Erickson, according to Larry, was the first. LOL, there is no proof that Ericson landed in the Americas and Larry, as a historian, should know that. Granted, there was a Norse settlement in Newfoundland; but whether Leif was part of the settlement is open to debate. As noted on a BBC history site (although one suspects that Larry would consider the BBC quite “pinko”) “Leif Erikson's story was recorded in several different sagas, but the accounts they give are so different it is impossible to be certain of the details of his life.”

Comment: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and in addition to a “little” knowledge, Fox News provides the propaganda to back it up.

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