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"Spendulus" - Lest There Be Any Doubt About Fox News Partisanship

Reported by Priscilla - February 10, 2009 -

Senate OKS Stimulus Plan

Senate Passes $838B Stimulus Bill

Senate Passes Obama's $838 Billion Economic Recovery Plan By a Vote of 61-37

Senate OKs 'Spendulus' Bill
URGENT: 61-37 vote passes $838 billion plan, bill now goes to House-Senate conference to work out differences | 1ST 100 DAYS
'Spendulus' Debate on the Senate Floor: WATCH LIVE
• Obama in Fla. as Senate Votes on 'Spendulus' | WATCH LIVE


***Update - 7:18 EST - Fox News website now referring to the bill as the "stimulus bill." What happened to "spendulus." It was so cute!

***Wait a minute, Fox Forum says there is "still time to kill the spendulous bill." Whew, for a minute I thought Fox had become non partisan!!!!!