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Bill O'Reilly's Trivial Analysis Of Obama Press Conference: It Was Boring

Reported by Ellen - February 10, 2009 -

Besides the bias, the GOP propaganda and the steady diet of hate-mongering against Democrats and liberals, what also drives me crazy about FOX News is the trivialization of news. A perfect example was Bill O'Reilly's repeated “analysis” of President Barack Obama's first presidential press conference. O'Reilly's journalistic role was enhanced last night (2/9/09) as his show, which pre-empted Hannity, immediately followed the presser. So what was O'Reilly's main takeaway that he repeated in nearly every segment? Obama was too boring. With video.

As predicted, Republicans/conservatives vastly outnumbered Democrats/liberals in the guest lineup: Dick Morris, Bernard Goldberg, Ari Fleischer, Mitt Romney and Mary Katherine Ham vs. Alan Colmes and Juan Williams. As usual, Dick Morris was disingenuously introduced as “former Clinton advisor.”

Despite the overweighting of conservatives, the guests were nearly unanimous in praising Obama's handling of the press conference.

But not O'Reilly. His chief complaint was that Obama was too detailed, too long winded and too dull.

Alan Colmes told O'Reilly, “It was not the Obama Factor... This is not a television show. It's a news conference (and his first one as president, at that). He needed to get into detail.”

Goldberg said, “(Obama) is a superb communicator... The message will get through to the American people.”

Fleischer, who served as George W. Bush's former press secretary, told O'Reilly, “I give (Obama) an A minus for accomplishing the goals (of getting his message out at the news conference)... The fact is, we're in a serious age with heavy issues and he was serious and heavy. Frankly, that's what people want to see.”

Finally, O'Reilly complained to Williams. Williams is no apologist for Obama. But Williams told O'Reilly, “Dick Morris, Bernie Goldberg and Ari Fleischer all said this guy did a great job tonight. I mean, he really was, I thought, masterful.”

O'Reilly playfully moaned, “Juan!”

Wanna bet this will be a meme going forward?

Meanwhile, much as I hate to say it, Sean Hannity, who got bumped onto Greta Van Susteren's show, was actually substantive. Of course, Hannity accused Obama of being a socialist, a liar and a radical (without any objection from "liberal" Van Susteren) but at least he and Van Susteren dealt with the substance of the conference.