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Greg Jarrett Spins Republican Talking Points (What Else Is New!)

Reported by Priscilla - February 9, 2009 -

Fox News is the media barometer for what’s hot and what’s not in Republican world. On Saturday’s (February 7th) afternoon Fox news show, Greg Jarrett gave us a little tease of what could be the next sizzling Fox RNC meme. Jarrett informed us that in the Obama administration the Census Director will report directly to the White House. Jarrett seemed a trifle upset about this as he explained that the Census is under the purview of the Department of Commerce which will be headed by Republican Senator Judd Gregg. Jarrett noted that Gregg criticized the 2000 census and seemed to infer that Gregg was being co-opted. (He is such a “traitor” to the GOP!) In his customary smarmy manner, Jarrett asserted that Rahm Emanuel will be the point person and as such there is a question of partisanship. He added, ominously, that the census determines if congressional district lines will be withdrawn and with the management of the census in the White House, the benefits could accrue to “a certain political party if you know what I mean.” What Jarrett didn’t mention is that there is precedent for this. Surprisingly he didn’t mention that Hispanic groups were concerned about Senator Gregg’s appointment given Gregg’s past opposition to both the Department of Commerce and the emergency funding for the 2000 census. But give it time because if the issue involves Democrats and minorities, this issue will sizzle on Fox. (Washington Post and TPM have some background on this including the GOP opposition talking points which seem to nicely dovetail Jarrett's.)

***Update - The Fox News website now has an article "GOP Sounds Alarm Over Obama Decision to Move Census to White House: A number of Republicans are joining the fight to put the census issue into the political spotlight "before it's too late." Do they want some whine with that cheese?!