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Two Days After Racist Comments On Hannity, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Repeats Them On Glenn Beck

Reported by Ellen - February 8, 2009 -

Two days after Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson announced on Hannity, “I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected mostly by black racist and white guilty people,” Peterson was back on “pro-America” FOX News, this time warmly welcomed by Glenn Beck. Beck, you may recall, made a stir when he asked Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to prove he was not working with our enemies. Beck also recently suggested Barack Obama and civil rights icon Joseph Lowery are anti-white. Peterson repeated his abhorrent comments without objection from Beck, although he did end the segment soon thereafter. With video.

“Patriotic” Beck began the segment with a typical series of smears of America: warning that we're becoming socialists, making fun of Democrats and accusing THEM of hating America. But this time, for good measure, Beck added, “Is socialism taking over our country? It has for the inner cities for a long time.” We know what “inner cities” is code for.

Beck began the interview by asking Peterson, “Why is it -- why is it, Sir, that some of our Washington, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia -- our biggest cities -- are enslaving themselves?”

Did Beck not know that Peterson would answer with an attack on African Americans? Sure enough, he did.

Peterson answered, “Well, most of the inner cities are run by black liberal Democrats. The mayor, for the most part, are black. The police chiefs are black. City council men and women are black. And yet the cities are out of control because one of the business - “

Beck interrupted. His voice all innocence and surprise, he said, “Wait, wait. Hold it. You're not implying that it's a black thing, are you?”

“Well, it's a liberal, Democrat thing. But for the most part, the inner cities are now controlled by the black liberal, Democratic politicians.

“OK,” Beck said, not in approval but hardly arguing or objecting.

Peterson went on to say, “Most black Americans -- not all, but most black Americans have a socialist mentality. That's why they elected Barack Obama as their president, because he is the first black liberal socialist Democrat. And they think that somehow or another, their lives are going to get better by electing him.”

“Pro America” Beck didn't have any problem with that statement. In fact, he echoed it to some degree. “You know, Reverend, I tell you, you know, I pointed out all of the Marxist tendencies of President Obama when he was just running... And nobody really seemed to care. People dismissed it. Now, people are going to come out of the woodwork... Look, if that's what you are, then make the point. We are being lulled into this and it's all being denied.”

That's when Peterson repeated his abhorrent and baseless theory about how Obama got elected: “I have to tell you, Glenn, the electing of Barack Obama was about black racism and white guilt. White Americans want to make up for past history, slavery and they have been blamed for what is happening today.

“And they think by electing a black socialist liberal, somehow or another, black Americans are going to overcome their racism. But the only thing that is going to change their racism is black folks have to forgive. They have to drop their anger.”

As Peterson spoke, Beck shook his head and said, “No.” But it was unclear if he was objecting to anything Peterson had just said or talking to a producer about the printing out of the stimulus bill behind him on the set.

“Reverend, I appreciate your time,” Beck said, ending the interview amiably and without confronting the bigotry.

So let's say for the sake of argument that Beck ended the interview early and was too polite to show that the guest had just offended him. Peterson has a long history of making these kinds of statements on FOX News. It's hard to believe Beck was unaware of that. But even if he was, what's FOX News' excuse for bringing him back so often?

In their notes for the embedded FOX News video, below, FOX offers nothing to indicate that Peterson is anything but a credible guest.