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FOX News Inconsistency On Stimulus Package Criticism

Reported by Ellen - February 5, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Dan

We normally count on Fox Business to give us a clear and consistent picture of the current Republican talking points. But to paraphrase Shakespeare, "Stimulus doth make fools of us all". Fox Business' Cheryl Casone takes it to a new level.

At 3:41, Casone posts on her blog, the Casone Exchange:

I Love the Smithsonian but…..

Ms. Casone asks,

"but why are we putting taxpayer money into the Smithsonian? Why is that stimulus?"

"My solution? Start cutting the fat from the bills."

But at 6:30 she posts:

Don’t Mess with Texas (or their Congressman)

In which Ms. Casone reports an interview she had with a Texas Congressman who is "furious about the 400 million that Citigroup has spent on naming rights at the new Mets stadium. OK, I have to say , AMAZING stadium, I just went by there a few weeks ago. And, to be fair, Citigroup insists they are not using TARP money to fund marketing."

So Ms. Casone went by the stadium a few weeks ago. They WEREN'T playing a few weeks ago, Is a slush covered 1st base more amazing that the flag flying over Ft. McHenry when the "Star Spangled Banner" was written? Empty bleachers are more amazing than the "Spirit of St. Louis" which Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic? An empty ball park is more amazing than America's Museum?

Isn't $400M for the rights to put your name on a stadium just the kind of fat she wants cut in her post just 2 hours earlier? Can we imagine the Fox fury at a hypothetical GM Park in Detroit?

Is there something I'm not understanding? Or is there no consistency in Foxworld?