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FOX News Hypocritically Attacks Obama's Deputy Attorney General Nominee

Reported by Ellen - February 5, 2009 -

Once again you have to admire FOX News' brazenness when it comes to their own hypocrisy. This time, it's in the guise of their faux outrage over Barack Obama's nomination for Attorney General, David Ogden. Rather than come up with any legitimate reason to garner opposition to Ogden, "patriotic" FOX News has attacked him in a McCarthy-esque way, by smearing him for engaging in one of the most American of activities: representing unpopular parties in a lawsuit. Just a few weeks ago, FOX News pulled the same despicable ploy with Obama's legal counsel, Greg Craig. What's even worse this time is that while FOX News made smarmy jokes and innuendos about Ogden's representation of Playboy, the "fair and balanced" network overlooked its own prodigious outpouring of what many people might feel would be more appropriate in that magazine than on a news channel.

I've seen two attacks on Ogden so far. One was on last night's (2/4/09) Hannity in which he enlisted Karl Rove, of all people, to criticize Ogden for being too ideological. No mention that Rove, himself, is currently under subpoena for his role in politicizing the Bush Justice Department. In fact, I have yet to see a single discussion on FOX News examination of those series of scandals which eventually brought down former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Ideology is A-OK on FOX, so long as it's Republican.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a decent video of Rove last night. But I did find an even better article on FOXNews.com.

In the article, FOX is full of such holier-than-thou phrases as: "Senators might want to hold David Ogden's confirmation hearing after the kids go to bed."

There's nothing beyond FOX's snide insinuation to suggest that there's anything X rated about Ogden. But that didn't stop FOX from implying otherwise again and again:

In one case, Ogden paved the way for the blind to enjoy Playboy at the Library of Congress.

...At a time when Congress is engrossed in a debate over stimulus, Fidelis argues Ogden was engaged in the wrong kind.

"We report, you decide" FOX didn't bother to investigate whether Ogden really has the kind of prurient sensibilities they were suggesting or (more likely) whether he's a staunch supporter of free speech, a staunch opponent of censorship, or "merely" an attorney who believes in the Bill of Rights' guarantee of a right to counsel.

FOX even noted that Brian Burch, president of the religious conservative group, Fidelis, which seems to be spearheading the opposition, "said Ogden's legal work does not disqualify him for the job of deputy attorney general." But, FOX News added, "(Burch) still said the Senate should vote against him." Why? For ideological reasons. You can't get much more McCarthy-esque than that.

Meanwhile, I wonder how Mr. Burch would feel about the kind of racy material that's a staple on FOX, some of which is archived on FOX News porn. (Caution: you may want to look at the site after the kids have gone to bed.) How about Sean Hannity posing for photos at The Bunny Ranch? Unlike Ogden, FOX and Hannity have actively promoted smut. But like so many other things, vice is OK on FOX so long as you're a Republican.