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Conservatives/Republican advocates - 5

Reported by Ellen - February 4, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Ana

If America's Newsroom was a football game (to usurp Fox's love of sports analogy), the score at the end would be a bona fide blowout of epic proportions. The guest/analyst lineup for the show is very telling, as they locked out the entire opposing team.

Former McCain Advisor Carly Fiorina kicked the game off, with Stuart Varney on the kickoff return for the home team. In a surprise move, Molly Henneberg was fielded to kick the conversion after the Varney touchdown, with a segment on the "Employee Free Choice Act," which she sailed over the bar by uncritically stating "there are 16 million union members in the U.S., Only 1 million signed" a petition in support of the bill, "not exactly huge support to change the law." Kicking off apres the extra point was Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), with linebacker/host Megyn Kelly protecting the pocket by shedding every modicum of journalistic ethics when she spoke over the senator to agree with him with one liners such as "exactly" and her famous plastic outrage. Returning the kick for a touchdown, Peter Brookes of the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation on a segment about Iranian satellites equating Iranian ability to deliver Weapons of Mass Destruction via Missile attack. On the extra point, was anti bailout "intellectual conservative" Peter Morici, which was placed perfectly by the Newsroom duo. Shamed journalistic GOP advocate Carl Cameron had a pitch perfect return for the second time of the day when he was brought in for his own analysis of the stimulus bill, and America's opinion of it, which contained more opinion than fact. That allowed him to leave Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a 1st and goal rush while speaking from the Senate floor.

Sick of football analogies? So am I - but it was so evident that the home team locked the visitors out of the stadium, and blitzed quarter back Barack Obama at every opportunity.

Now, I'm a conservative, so you may ask - why does this bother me?

Here's the fulcrum of the issue - if we cant persuade, push, or impact an issue in a balanced, fair way then the issue doesnt pass the credibility test. Republicans need to be able to forcefully defend that which we stand for in a fair way, if we cannot meet that standard the issue isn't worth defending, and should be dropped. Anything less is shameful, embarrassing, and dangerous to the future of the G.O.P.

Conservatives need to man up. I reject any notion that we as conservatives can advocate for a platform that cannot be presented in balanced debate, and anyone that suggests otherwise is in fact in conflict with conservative ideals. This was the problem with the neo-con movement - which used demonisation of criticism and refusal of debate to further its aims. If conservatism is to survive as a viable alternative to liberalism it needs to be with integrity, not by bending the rules. If we are to find a foot hole from which to re-position ourselves back into any sense of national consequence we need to stand against such tactics by Fox News, or we risk falling further down the well of influence. Conservatives must reject Fox until it agrees to present robust, balanced debate, because its the right thing to do. ANYTHING short of that represents a lack of ability to embrace virtue within the movement, which requires more than family values, or fiscal discipline, but rather forthrightness in delivery of our message.

As for Fox, this was a shameful example of "false advertising" - any attempt to claim fair and balanced is laughable and sad, and seriously needs to be addressed.