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Kilmeade Claims Keith Olbermann Is “Hateful” While Carlson Claims Keith Olbermann Should Be Grateful – Excuse Me?!?

Reported by Priscilla - February 3, 2009 -

The three mousketeers show (whoops, Fox&Friends) has a new web (“After the show, show”) segment which features “fun” stuff from after the show. It’s described as “getting to know” them when “they let their hair down.” (I was hoping that it featured dark sarcasm and “F bombs;” but alas, it’s the same kind of staged, happy crap that occurs during the show.) Monday’s (February 2nd) après show featured Brian Kilmeade, in Tampa, doing a post Super Bowl commentary. Steve (Deuces are wild) Doocy, Gretchen (Queen of Hearts) Carlson, looked on lovingly while Brian (the Joker) attacked Keith Olbermann. Was there a reason, you might ask, for the sliming? (Not that Fox folks needs any excuse for that) Well, it appears that Keith Olbermann, upon seeing, young Brain (whoops Brian – it’s that dyslexia) walked the other way. And that prompted the erstwhile Foxie to accuse Olbmerann of something that Fox specializes in.

Kilmeade told his buddies that he had never been in a place where there were so many Fox fans. He claimed that every ten feet people were coming up to him expressing their loyalty to Fox&Friends. (I thought that this was the Super Bowl and not a village idiot’s convention!) Brian saw the entire Baldwin family and wondered if he should shake Alec’s hand. He then spotted Keith Olbermann who, according to Brian, saw him and “walked the other way.” (I certainly would have!) Doocy says “realllly” Brian mused that “I thought it would be an interesting conversation.” Doocy wanted to know how close he was and Brian said 15 yards, “he was walking straight and then walked the other way.” (Oh, I guess it’s because he was all scared of the fierce, internationally renowned “journalist” Brian Kilmeade.) The gang said that they used to know him. While Doocy giggled, Brian added that he had seen him at “lots of sporting events when he was “an eccentric guy that no-one understood” (yes, Olbmerann uses polysyllabic words) “now he’s just a “whack job that people hate.” (Which people, Brian, whack jobs from the rabid republican right?) Carlson said that if Brian had spoken with him he should have said “thank you for having us be your worst person in the world on a nightly basis let’s just face it if he didn’t have Fox&Friends he wouldn’t be able to have his show." Brian replied that he wouldn’t want to give Olbermann “the satisfaction of knowing we watch. I just think he’s a hateful guy that I don’t think was well liked in Tampa, how’s that? Judging from the people yelling at him from the stands." (And how do you know that they weren’t yelling at the players? Or maybe Brian was sitting near a delegation of beered up bubbas from some red state republican redoubt? There is a legion of conservative guys who have an almost homo-erotic obsession with Olbmerann.)

Kilmeade, in talking about the parties said that he couldn’t “believe what little hot women wear on their bodies” and to prove that black people find him acceptable he showed some video of him getting a sweat shirt from LL Cool J. (One of those evil black rappers that Bill O’Reilly hates).

Comment: Uh, Gretchen, Keith Olbermann has lots more material than Fox&Friends. You rightwing idealogues provide an abundance of riches. And being “worst person” every night – don’t flatter yourself. O ‘Reilly gets lots more awards. But let me say that, in the three segments that I’ve selected, it was an honor you richly deserved. In one case, Olbermann cited how a judge, in throwing out a court case against you, said that you were acting unprofessionally when you read, as fact, fictional quotes (from a parody site) from a school administrator whose school was involved in a racially tinged incident. (Keith noted that they weren’t acting!) As a result, the school administrator was besieged by hate mail, including threats. And Olbmermann is “hateful?” How bout the time that cute, Miss America referred to Ted Kennedy as a “hostile enemy” because he opposed an escalation in Iraq. That’s not “hateful?” You also were cited for allowing your “tribute” to Tim Russert to become a forum for the not so loving Andrew Breitbart to criticize the liberal media. And it’s just not your show. Fox News is a repository for hatred of all those who don’t agree with whomever and whatever the republican right deems anathema – and that’s a huge chunk of this country. But Brian, you were at a major sporting event. Did you see any “clustered” gay people and if so, did you think it was dangerous for young people – cuz your “Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly thinks so. If you’re talking “hateful,” you’re talking Fox News.

Worst person video for Carlson’s Kennedy comment not available; but her comment can be found here.