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Greg Jarrett Asks If Senator Judd Gregg, Not A Liberal Democrat, Is A “Traitor” – Is This The End Of The World As We Know It?

Reported by Priscilla - February 2, 2009 -

Remember the “good ole” Fox days when liberals, who opposed Bush’s Iraq adventure, were considered, if not traitors, people who were out to destroy America? (See Bill O’Reilly's rant against Hollywood). Right wing diva and Fox fave, Ann Coulter, actually wrote a book entitled “Treason” which, of course, railed against liberals. She actually used the term, on the Sean Hannity Hate Fest, to describe those who weren’t supporting President Bush. Course if Al Franken used this type of “badinage” (like when she suggested that SCOTUS Judge Stevens be poisoned), the gang at Fox would have their nice, white panties in a bunch. So with this context in mind, imagine my surprise when the ever smarmy Greg Jarrett, on the Fox Sunday afternoon “news” show, went into paroxysms of indignation regarding the possible appointment of Republican (NH) Senator Judd Gregg to the position of US Commerce Secretary in the Obama administration. Jarrett posed a question to his listeners and asked them to e-mail or a “twitter” him and his co-host, Julie Banderas. The question was “Is Senator Judd Gregg a TRAITOR to Republicans, if he accepts the position of Commerce Secretary?” Wow, we’re in uncharted territory in bizarro Foxworld!

Jarrett explained that there was talk of the Senator working a deal with the Democratic New Hampshire governor so that he would be replaced by a Republican. But Jarrett couldn’t contain his agitation that the Republicans in question were very moderate and pro-choice. (Republicans are a vanishing species in New England and those that remain tend to be moderate and socially liberal.) The problem, at least for Jarrett, was that either way (Democrat or liberal GOP replacement) the reviled Democrats could reach that magic number of 60 and, according to Jarrett “they will be able to pass anything they want.” (Right, Greg, that's the way the US Senate works. Deal with it.) Jarrett said that Gregg’s selection, on the part of the Obama administration, is “blatently, blazingly manipulative.” (Comment: I would have gone for some alliteration and used “bold” for “manipulative!”). Jarrett then questioned, “If he weren’t such a pivotal person would he be selected? My guess he wouldn’t be.” Jarrett channeled Senator Gregg when he opined that “if I were Judd Gregg, I would think that I was being manipulated.” (But you’re not Senator Gregg and that’s why he is a Senator and you’re a right-wing political hack “journalist” on Fox News.) So that was the context for a very leading “question” about a sitting American senator being a “traitor.” Funny, I don’t remember any talk of treason when Democratic Senator Joe Liebermann campaigned for Republican John McCain. Go figure. But talk is cheap and on Fox it can be incendiary. Hopefully, Senator Gregg isn’t getting death threats that Fox fans seem to enjoy sending. (See reaction to Bill O’Reilly’s “expose” of a Colorado school program.) If you want to talk about people being “manipulated,” I suspect that Jarrett is, metaphorically speaking, quite familiar with that bend over/grab ankles position Rush was talking about! Twitter this, Greg!