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FOX News Takes Revenge On John Conyers

Reported by Ellen - February 2, 2009 -

Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera didn't even try to hide the fact that their interest in a story about corruption allegations (though no charges have been filed) against the wife of Rep. John Conyers arose from Conyers' subpoena to Karl Rove last week. Not until late in the discussion on Friday's (1/30/09) O'Reilly Factor did guest Geraldo Rivera mention that there is nothing to suggest that Congressman Conyers has been tainted or that it would likely be an embarrassment to him at worst. With video.

Monica Conyers is reported to be the subject of a federal investigation into the bribing of Detroit Council members in exchange for the approval of a city contract. Conyers is president of the council. The evidence against her does indeed look damning, as Rivera reported.

However, I'd be a lot more credulous if FOX News' interest in scandals wasn't so selective at best. Ted Haggard? Haven't seen any discussion on prime time. Tom DeLay? Treated as a hero after he was indicted for money laundering. Bernard Kerik? Presented as a FOX News "anti-terror expert" (and on Rivera's show, no less) after pleading guilty to accepting gifts from Mafia-related companies wanting to do business with the City of NY (and that's not counting the caddish behavior and using a 9/11 respite apartment for his extramarital trysts). Karl Rove? FOX News contributor despite his suspected role in the political prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman and the firings of several United States Attorneys.

Meanwhile, Rivera took the opportunity to opine that “we have to put these things behind us,” meaning any investigations into Bush administration wrongdoings. Not so the wrongdoings of the Conyers family, of course. “It is HUGELY embarrassing for John Conyers,” Rivera said with obvious relish. “That's the problem. You have to be purer than Caesar's wife if you're gonna go after that stuff.”

Especially for Democratic investigations into Republicans on FOX News.