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FOX News Chooses Tax Delinquent Dick Morris To Criticize Tom Daschle's Tax Problems

Reported by Ellen - February 2, 2009 -

One thing you have to grant FOX News: It's got gumption. What other network would put on a tax delinquent to criticize someone else for not paying his taxes properly - twice? Not only that, while clearly relishing the tax problems of Tom Daschle, the "we report, you decide" network didn't think it worth telling its viewers that its own expert, Dick Morris, has recently paid almost $2 million in back taxes. With video.

Morris appeared on tonight's Hannity where he and Sean Hannity gleefully sneered at Daschle's failure to pay $100,000 in back taxes (now paid). It's a mere drop in the bucket compared to Morris' multi-million-dollar arrears.

On January 21, Morris appeared on The O'Reilly Factor where he repeatedly criticized then-Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner for failing to pay Social Security taxes several years ago. Morris' own tax problems were not revealed then, either.

What's next? Will Morris be on FOX News criticizing politicians who frequent prostitutes? Only if they're Democrats, of course.