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It's A Happy Guantanamo Bay Prison, According To FOX News

Reported by Ellen - February 1, 2009 -

FOX News sent reporter Catherine Herridge to report on "Life Inside Gitmo." Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! She suggested that conditions were better for inmates than they were for the guards. And there was absolutely no discussion of water boarding or "enhanced interrogations" or even why so many prisoners have been housed there for years without benefit of trial. With video.

Special Report's Bret Baier set the tone for the 1/30/09 story when he gave it the following introduction: "Food and medical care up to 18 hours a day outside, television and even art classes. These are some of the conditions for terror detainees at Guantanamo Bay."

Herridge focused on the dangers to guards at the facility and the perks for "compliant" inmates such as art class where they were only minimally restrained with one leg chained to the floor. When showing the medical facility, Herridge asked, "How much do (inmates) use being sick as a ruse to stage an event?"

"Quite often," she was told, and they do it to communicate to "other camps" at Guantanamo Bay. We were never told what kind of communication the inmates were trying to effect.