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Fox&Friends Are Concerned About George Stephanopoulos’ White House “Connections” Affecting His Objectivity – Can Somebody Give Me An LMAO!!!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - February 1, 2009 -

Yesterday (January 31st), the weekend crew (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs) kvetched with failed presidential candidate and Fox pundit, Mike Huckabee, about a recent Politico article which detailed a daily telephone tree involving James Carville, Paul Begala, Rahm Emanuel, and George Stephanopoulos. They expressed concern about the Stephanopoulos involvement and asserted that he needs to be very careful, as a network journalist (something, these clowns aren’t familiar with), about not being seen as a conduit for White House policy. Cue my coffee being blurted out all over the TV screen. Oh, the irony, the irony.

The article that the Little Foxes (sorry, Lillian Hellman) were referencing, discussed how these four friends have a daily conference chat – “no single one of which usually lasts more than a few minutes.” (“Quick, Rahm,” says Carville in heavily accented Cajun English. “Give me the keys to the nuclear arsenals so I can hand them over to the international, Islamosocialist, Secular Progressive Illuminati.”) While Emanuel says that the calls “are about what’s happening, what the implications are of what’s happening and what’s going on,” Carville’s wife (Republican Mary Matalin) describes the conversation as “more profane, more sports-centric versions of a knitting club” and more about “friendship” than “information gathering.” But leave it to Fox News to suggest something more sinister. Their concern that Stephanopoulos needs to be careful about not being seen as a tool of the white house is truly laughable considering the less than six degrees of separation that Fox News had with the Bush White house – detailed in Eric Boehlert’s excellent article. In another moment of stunning irony, the Foxettes “joked” that they don’t get daily calls from the White House. But here’s the thing – during the Bush administration Fox News engaged with more than light banter with the White House (whose TV’s were turned to Fox at all times). According to former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, the Bush White House “routinely gave talking points to Fox News commentators — but not journalists — in order to influence discourse and content.” Those memos from Moody might as well have had a big, fat elephant stamped on them. One has only to view that great documentary, “Outfoxed,” to learn about the Murdoch/Ailes/Bush nexus.

Comment: If you’re talking about government intrusion into the media, you’re talking about Fox News!