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Dick Morris Reiterates: Obama Stimulus A Trojan Horse Filled With Socialists

Reported by Ellen - January 27, 2009 -

Dick Morris visited Hannity last night (1/26/09) for another session of inflamed attacks on Democrats disguised as political commentary. Last night's session was what I call Republican Plan B. Plan A is to paint Barack Obama as a terrorism enabler. Plan B is to portray him as an economy-destroying socialist. As has become customary with Sean Hannity, Media Matters' Misinformer of 2008, he used a series of distortions to smear, rather than facts that might persuade. The segment was disingenuously titled “Your America.” With video.

The discussion with Morris (anybody notice that he's farther down in the show's lineup than he used to be?) began by hyping a popular GOP myth du jour, suggesting that funds for contraception are a key part of the economic stimulus package.

From there, Hannity jumped to another popular GOP falsehood, that most of the stimulus will not go into effect until 2010.

Morris apparently echoed that untruth when he said that $200 billion slated for “pretty good social projects: construction, school renovation, highways, bridges, that stuff” would take “two to three years to take effect.”

Morris and Hannity were almost surely basing their claims on the same disputed Congressional Budget Office “report” that other conservatives jumped on to prove that the stimulus package would not do the job. In reality, as Think Progress notes, the CBO has found that roughly two-thirds of the plan's recovery investments will come in the first 18 months after it is enacted.

Then Morris added his special brand of conservative invective to the already-sensationalized discussion: “I think that the real threat of the stimulus package and of the whole Obama policies is that it's a Trojan Horse. Inside the horse, there are socialists. And there's programs that will enhance socialism in this country. By stopping people from paying taxes (sic), giving them welfare benefits, and giving the federal government preferred stock in banks that crowds out private owners."

This is a claim that Morris has made at least once before on FOX News. So we can infer that management has no problem with it.

Even Hannity didn't want to go quite that far, though he certainly seemed happy enough to let Morris do so. Instead, Hannity reiterated the CBO canard. “The Congressional Budget Office, whose numbers we are told, you know, across the board are accepted. They said that the majority of this jolt to the economy, as Obama calls it, won't have an impact until 2010.”

Morris, obviously determined to drive home the “socialism” meme, reiterated, “Socialism is now, that will be what happens to this economy. We'll lose this economy.”