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Bill O’Reilly’s “Report” On Lifting Of Global Gag Rule – Why Does Bill O’Reilly Hate Women?

Reported by Priscilla - January 27, 2009 -

On last night’s (January 26th) “Factor” Bill spoke with Mary Katherine Ham and Juan Williams regarding President Obama’s lifting of the odious "global gag rule." Bill (who is neither poor nor does he have a uterus) claimed that President Obama was trying to “hide” this action by doing it on Friday before a slow weekend news cycle. His commentary was truly offensive, filled with ignorance, misogyny, and a smear against a Kansas doctor who has been targeted by Bill and his anti-choice goons. Not surprisingly, his guests didn’t provide much in the way of rebuttal. But once again, we have an example of (if you’re reading this Jesse T Watters) lies and misinformation – and this time it’s targeted to poor women. What a guy! What a bold, fresh, piece of you-know-what.

Note: on the following page I’ll post the O’Reilly video which includes the Michelle Obama wardrobe discussion as reported by Ellen. I’m including another video which, while not directly related to the thread, does relate to Bill O’Reilly’s contempt for women’s bodies and his earlier comments about Michelle Obama: “Friday Feminist F#*K You: Bill O’Reilly.”

The first LIE is the title of the Fox video: “Did Obama try to hide executive order expanding America’s funding of abortions by releasing it on Friday?” The TRUTH is that this order has nothing to do with American funding of abortions. It lifts restrictions on foreign aid to women’s clinics that mention the word abortion in their treatment of pregnant women and efforts by foreign NGO’s to lobby their government on loosening abortion restrictions. If abortions are performed by these entities they are NOT paid for by US funds. But when you’re promoting an anti choice agenda, who cares about facts!

Bill’s began his rant by questioning why we spend more than $400 million in international family planning when “we’re broke.” (Family Planning Assistance through USAID – which includes pre natal and post natal care for women as well as contraceptive education – is a “tiny fraction—less than one-fiftieth of 1 percent (0.02%)—of the total federal budget, and only about 10 percent of the USAID budget. Hey, Bill – we spend lots more on military aid to Middle East countries. How bout that? And what about the billions on George Bush’s not so excellent Iraq adventure? Huh?) And in a stunning simplification of the Mexico City Policy, Bill said that Reagan and Bush “ordered no federal dollars for any “abortion situation.” Mary Katherine Ham said that this was a “good faith mission” to prevent AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. So far so good – but then she wandered into lalaland when she claimed that Planned Parenthood is losing money because they do abortions as family planning. (Wrong, Mary Katherine. They provide comprehensive reproductive health care. The abortion as family planning is just another meme of the anti choice community) She added that “it’s even more crazy to send it to an abortion related fund.” (Right, Mary K. It’s crazy to fund clinics that mention that abortion is a viable option to terminate a pregnancy.) Bill (who lives in a Long Island mansion) again stated that “he” wasn’t going to spend half a billion dollars not knowing where it’s going to blah, blah, blah…” Bill repeated his contention that Obama was trying to “sneak this by.” While Williams was trying to say that Obama didn’t sign this on Thursday (anniversary of Roe) because of sensitivity towards the “pro-life” community and that Obama was fulfilling a campaign promise, Bill talked over him saying “he should have had all the abortion guys (What Bill, no women?) in there yelling Yay we love abortion.” When Juan laughingly said (while Mary Katherine – who as a single conservative must practice abstinence – smiled), “you wanted a show,” Bill responded by yelling “I wanted a big show. I wanted George Tiller, the baby killer yelling “yay.” I want to to make more money killing babies.” (Comment: Bill and Operation Rescue thugs have been part of a vile attempt to harass and slime Dr. Tiller, a doctor accused of peforming illegal late term abortions) Ms. Ham said that Obama is “hiding it because hanging around with NARAL is a liability because he’s made gains with young evangelicals.” Bill concluded by saying “as long as you agree with me, he tried to hide it.”

Comment: Whatever, Bill. Those who needed to know about it are celebrating a small victory in the fight for women’s reproductive health – something that accused sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly doesn’t care about. Yeah, keep em barefoot and pregnant. Good enough for em. As noted in an article on MSNBC, "Women's health has been severely impacted by the cutoff of assistance. President Obama's actions will help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, abortions and women dying from high-risk pregnancies because they don't have access to family planning." Planned Parenthood’s website has detailed information about the devastating effects of the global gag rule and the benefits that will be accrued by its lifting. Something you won’t hear from “fair and balanced” Bill O’Reilly. What a guy!