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Mike Baker, Described As “Former CIA Agent,” Has Close Bush Administration Ties – “Fair and Balanced?” – I Don’t Think So!

Reported by Priscilla - January 26, 2009 -

On yesterday’s (January 25th) Sunday show with Julie Banderas and Greg Jarrett, a topic, now part of the Fox fear factor script was discussed – the question of whether President Obama’s new executive orders pertaining to torture and the closing of Gitmo and other secret prisons, will “keep us safe.” Fox is using all it has, in its arsenal of fear factor cards, to promote the meme that the orders will result in a deterioration of national security because torture can be a good thing. (We know about Jack Bauer; but what would Jesus Do?) Not surprisingly, Greg Jarrett interviewed a gentleman, described on the chyron as a “Former CIA agent, about the topic. It didn’t take long to realize that Mike Baker was there to reinforce the aforementioned propaganda. The use of the term “far left” was a dead giveaway. So I did a little googling and came up with some interesting information on an ex “spook” with a real agenda and some real partisan pals

If you google Mike Baker and Fox News, you’ll get more than a few hits. It seems he’s one of their go to guys for “security” issues. He also contributes to an opinion column for the Fox website (A recent Baker article has the non partisan title, “Leon Panetta, say it ain’t so”). Baker is head of a security company called Diligence LLC a company that had some nice contracts with the Bush Administration in “liberated” Iraq. It is partnered with New Bridge Strategies which paid Neil Bush to procure contracts for work in Iraq. Connected to New Bridge are right wingers Joe Albaugh, Mike Rogers, and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

During the interview, Baker justified torture in “select cases” – including waterboarding (which the US executed Japanese war criminals for – something that doesn’t seem to get mentioned on Fox News but which Jon Stewart has commented about). He said that “the far left” feels that anything beyond the Army Field Manual is torture and how silly is that because you couldn’t even break a teenager with sissy Army Field Manual techniques. (Hmm, how does Baker know that?). Showing a little partisanship (quelle surprise!), Jarrett said “I’m with you on that.” (Note: Obama has directed the CIA to use the Army Field Manual – a small step toward reestablishing the international respect the US once had before the Bush administration thugs took over. Invited to Obama’s signing statement were 16 retired generals and admirals who oppose torture.)

Comment: So Baker, who loves the good old days of CIA brutality, is more than just a “former CIA agent.” But “if the truth is out there,” you won’t hear it on Fox!