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FOX News Hosts Agree: Having An Illegal Alien Maid Helps A Democratic Politician

Reported by Ellen - January 25, 2009 -

During a discussion on Friday night's O'Reilly Factor (1/23/09) about Caroline Kennedy's withdrawal as a Senatorial candidate, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck helped spread a little more hatred toward the majority of their countrymen who happen to be Democrats. O'Reilly declared, and Beck laughed in agreement, that an illegal maid could not have been the reason Kennedy withdrew because such a thing would have helped her in the Democratic Party. With video.

O'Reilly and Beck used an inapt comparison of Kennedy to Sarah Palin as they complained that Kennedy had gotten favorable treatment because nobody had investigated her personal life the way they had Palin's. Of course, Palin had already been nominated for Vice President whereas Kennedy was only a possible candidate/appointee for Senator; Palin's pregnant daughter was in direct contradiction of the family values platform Palin adopted; and Palin was an unknown figure in national politics whereas Kennedy literally grew up in the national spotlight. A better comparison might have been George W. Bush's personal life. How much did the media go into that?

The unbalanced panel virtually guaranteed that the “liberal media” meme would go unchallenged. But O'Reilly and Beck, two FOX News hosts, took it a step further by asserting that Democrats reward illegal behavior.

O'Reilly: Caroline Kennedy has an illegal alien maid? That was one of the charges. That helps her in the Democratic Party.

Beck cracked up.

O'Reilly: That helps her. Doesn't it? Does it not?

Beck, nodding: America. It's insane, isn't it.

O'Reilly: But am I telling the truth?

Beck: No, you're telling the truth.

Just another example of Roger Ailes' "pro-America" attitude on FOX News.