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Is Bill O’Reilly A Pinhead Because He Doesn’t Know That Sweden Is Neutral?

Reported by Priscilla - January 24, 2009 -

Part of Bill O’Reilly’s bizarro world show is a bizarro world segment titled “Pinheads or Patriots.” A “pinhead” is anybody who doesn’t subscribe to Bill’s “traditionalist” credo and a “patriot” is somebody who does – even if they’re not really “traditionalists” as in the case of Ellen DeGeneres whom Bill considered a patriot because she sang an off key version of Silent Night with Brittney Spears. In Bill’s bizarro world, “anyone who sings Christmas Carols is patriotic." (I guess, according to Bill, Jews aren’t patriotic). DeGeneres got another "patriot" award because she did some comedy around Aretha Franklin’s inaugural hat so, according to Bill, she is a patriot because she’s bringing hats back into American fashion. (Memo to Bill: keep lauding Ellen and you’ll lose your homophobic audience!) But Bill’s newest target is actress Jessica Alba who dared to call Bill an “a-hole”. (I can think of far more offensive words). And because Jessica had the audacity to mock Bill, he called her a pinhead for making a gaffe. Turns out the gaffe is on Bill!

Jessica Alba was stalked by Bill’s mini-me, Jesse T Watters, at a recent pre inauguration party given by “Declare Yourself” – an organization founded by Norman Lear to encourage young people to vote. Bill’s personal stalker, Jesse T Watters, asked Ms. Alba if she would give Bill O’Reilly an inauguration shout out. She declined saying that “he’s kind of an a-hole.” When Watters, asked “how so,” she said “I don’t know how he does it, maybe he’s born that way.” (Right On, Jessica) When Watters did his infamous can you give me an example (Memo to Jesse: I sure can!) she refused because a response would mean admitting to watching Fox News. (Memo to Jessica: you don’t have to cuz we do.) In reacting to this slight, on his “Reality Check” segment of “The Factor,” Bill said that Alba was “misguided and could benefit greatly if she watched The Factor.” After the party, Alba was asked, by CNS reporter Nicholas Ballasy, about what she thought Obama would change with his presidency. Taking a page from not plumber, not Sam, turned not journalist (Joe the Plumbers asking an Israeli journalist if he supported Israel) Alba took asked Ballasy what he thought is Obama’s “greatest characteristic.” When Ballasy responded that he was a neutral journalist, Alba said “You can’t answer about our President. Be neutral. Be Sweden.” (See Politico for an amusing description of the encounter.)

So as a way to avenge himself at Alba’s expense, O’Reilly declared Alba a “pinhead” (January 21st) for referencing Sweden when, according to Bill, she should have said Switizerland. Per Bill, “Sweden is a very nice country; but Switzerland is the land of neutrality.”

Comment: "Swedish neutrality refers to Sweden's policy of neutrality in armed conflicts, which has been in effect since the early 19th century.” Is Bill lying or just peddling more misinformation?