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Hannity Worried Minorities Might Get Preferential Treatment In Obama Stimulus Plan

Reported by Ellen - January 23, 2009 -

Sean Hannity was once again Johnny-on-the-spot standing up for the downtrodden white man. During the Hannity's America segment of the 1/22/09 Hannity, Hannity complained about Obama advisor Robert Reich's request that the economic stimulus package be set up so that minorities, women and those facing the greatest employment challenges are sure to benefit. Hannity ignored the implications of Reich's suggestions in order to zero in on the possibility that minorities might get preferential treatment. With video.

In the third segment into the video below, Hannity mistakenly said that Reich was complaining that the stimulus package was too inclusive. In reality, it was Hannity making that complaint. Reich was expressing concern that the plan may not be inclusive enough.

Reich was shown saying that he didn't want stimulus money going only to "high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers." Reich suggested “criteria (to) be set so that the money does go to others, the long-term unemployed, minorities, women, people who are not necessarily construction workers or high-skilled professionals.”

Hannity commented, “Now here I thought the package was inended for everybody. So aren't pink slips colorblind? Now here's hoping Mr. Reich does not have the president's ear on this one.”

Hannity was so concerned about the minority aspect of Reich's suggestions that he overlooked what Reich was really saying, that it might be important to make sure that all aspects of society get a hand up, not just the recently laid off.