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Hannity And Limbaugh Bitch, Bitch, Bitch About The State Of The Union

Reported by Ellen - January 23, 2009 -

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh threw a pity party for themselves on last night's (1/22/09) Hannity. The rest of the country may be feeling good about its new president but those two “patriots” couldn't seem to find a kind word to say about Republicans, Democrats, and liberals. The only person praised was “good man” George W. Bush whose reverence for the office of the presidency kept him above partisan politics (Yes, Limbaugh actually said that, in Part 2). Methinks the two outsized egos were really whining about their own waned influence in national politics. With video.

Some of the “highlights:”

Democrats are “the party of abortion.”

Democrats and liberals “are always angry about things.”

Republicans have a “defeatist inferiority complex” and “want to be accepted by the people who despise them.”

Limbaugh and Hannity were clearly put out that “real conservatives” like themselves were not included in the dinner party Obama attended at the home of George Will.

Limbaugh railed against “the Republican elites” who, he claimed are “embarrassed” to be seen with “hicks and hayseeds” from the south who make up a large portion of their party.

Liberalism “cannot deal with the light of truth.”

“The Democrat Party has never claimed to have standards. Only once in my memory have they claimed to have ethics.” (when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House and proclaimed that she would have the most ethical Congress.)

According to Limbaugh, the only reason Blagojevich is in trouble is because he was “foolish enough” to be taped, “acting as Democrats do, selling the Senate seat in Illinois.”

George Bush had a reverence for the office of the presidency. “That's why he didn't get partisan.” It would have been “irreverent” to turn the Oval Office partisan. (Yeah, that's why he hired Karl Rove to work in the White House.)

Bush “is a good man. He's not hated.”