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Dick Morris Summons the Peasants with Pitchforks

Reported by Ellen - January 23, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Alex

In Part 2 of the Factor on Wednesday night (01/21/09) (see Part 1 here) Bill O’Reilly, in his new guise as Paul Revere, wasted no time in enlisting paid political prostitute and mercenary soldier Dick Morris to watch and wander through alley and street with eager ears, ready if need be to hang a warning lantern from the nearest loft. Always eager to please, the bold Morris did indeed the lantern raise, and in the flickering gloom the peasants gathered, pitchforks raised, and rallied to the fearsome cry: “Here Comes Socialism!!!” with video

According to Morris’ latest half-baked theory, the Obama stimulus package is a Trojan horse for the nationalization of banks, and ultimately the entire economy, of the United States. Inside the horse are “a whole variety of measures that will make us like France…not quite Sweden yet, but France.” (Funny, not that long ago Morris was suggesting that Obama might be a Stalinist.)

When Bildo Revere reminded his deputy that the bail-out package originated with Bush, Morris replied that while Bush didn’t understand the consequences of his plan, Obama understood them very well indeed. Under the guise of the Trojan horse, says Morris, Obama will “eliminate the majority of Americans from the tax rolls, so that most Americans don’t pay taxes, therefore don’t care how high they go… give the majority of Americans a welfare check under the guise of a refundable tax credit so that we become a fully welfare oriented society... use the preferred stock that the government got in all of the major banks to squeeze out the common stock by hogging all the dividends and basically forcing the nationalization of the banks and therefore our economy.”

Morris agrees with Bildo’s leading questions that Obama “wants to control the banking system in the country,” that for Obama, “this huge infusion of federal funds is not just to stabilize the economy, it's to drive the economy from private-sector-driven to government-driven,” and goes on to predict that Obama will appoint "someone like Blagojevich in charge of the program and then we'll see how bad things can get.”

Comment: Once again there is no balancing guest to challenge Morris on his wild claims, which he seems to have pulled out of his Trojan horse’s…well, you know. Neither here, nor in his article currently polluting the tubes, does Morris present one shred of evidence to back up his assertions. O’Reilly, playing the straight man, tells Morris that he will want to see some evidence for his “provocative thesis” and asks him some leading questions which we are supposed to take as probing; but he is no substitute for a genuinely balancing guest who might, for example, have brought up the fact that Morris’ track record on predictions is so bad that it has earned him the title of “Worst Pundit in America.”