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Listen, My Children, and You shall Hear…

Reported by Ellen - January 22, 2009 -

Guest Blogged by Alex

Listen my children and you shall hear, of the midnight ride of…Bill O’Reilly???

On the O'Reilly Factor (01/21/09), in honor of the new Obama administration, Bildo reveals his brand new, all-American, patriotic alter ego :

So what now? How do we cover the new Obama administration?Good question, and I have a clear answer: I am going to become Paul Revere.

Right now, you are in danger. Your family is in danger. Your pet is in danger. The economy is awful. The collapse of the financial system is due to massive corruption on Wall Street and a federal government that didn't much care.

A little over the top, but O’Reilly – sorry, make that “Revere” - rightly points the finger at President Bush and the economic analysts who “completely missed” the corruption that helped to lead to the economic crash, (not a word about how members of the Bush administration saw it coming but sat there with fingers crossed and let it happen). Then he singles out three bad guys for the Factor treatment: financier Bernie Madoff of “giant Ponzi scheme” fame; Stanley O’Neal, the former Merrill Lynch CEO who drove the herd right off the cliff and walked away with over $160 million in his pocket; And Jeff Immelt, CEO of General electric, whose stock portfolio plummeted by $114 million last year…

Whoaaaaa, Mr. Revere, hold that horse! Jeff Immelt? Well, according to our fearless night rider, Mr. Immelt “will get away with doing business with Iran and corrupting NBC News, turning it into a far-left enterprise.” Hmmm. Even the Fox Business News blog on the best and worst execs of 2008 doesn’t mention him by name. Hey Bildo, I mean Pauldo, your opinion wouldn’t have anything to do with your little vendetta against Immelt, GE, NBC and Keith Olbermann, would it?

Oh, never. Revere’s job is “to warn you about the economy and about national security. We've already told you that unless the Obama administration institutes tough new anti-terror measures to replace the ones being dismantled, the odds of a new terror attack will rise dramatically.” And “with people like Congressman Barney Frank still calling financial shots”, I guess Bildo Revere will have to be ever vigilant, lest Congressman Frank and the rest of the House Financial Services Committee start clustering.

After Bildo Revere tells us that "The Factor has not nitpicked Barack Obama. We don't play the gotcha game because that doesn't do you any good. This is not a time for ideology,” he narrows his eyes and springs to the saddle, ready to ride and spread the alarm:

“Far-left zealots want to destroy America so they can rebuild it as a socialistic paradise, a hyper-Sweden. Those people are dangerous, and we will watch them closely. The media is flat out corrupt and will not bring a skeptical eye to President Obama, because many in the press want the Sweden scenario and will spin and deceive to get it…”You can call me Paul because I will be warning you about the economy, about the terror factor and about the corrupt media…We are going to be very busy these next few years.”

“The Lefites are coming! The Lefties are coming!”

Paul Revere? More like Chicken Little.