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Fox News’ Culture War Historian And Resident Book Burner, Larry Schweikart, Gets Fifth Appearance In Two Months

Reported by Priscilla - January 22, 2009 -

It was only last week that I discussed the monomania, on Fox&Friends, of their obsession with evil, “liberal” history texts used in American classrooms – an obsession that is aided and abetted by (drum roll please) Professor Larry Schweikart who, once again, made an appearance (January 22nd) on the Fox&Friends version of “Fahrenheit 451.” But it’s not surprising that Fox News, a right wing propaganda outlet, would be in the business of book trashing; as that is a hallmark of small minded groups (Nazis, religious authorities) throughout history – although Schweikart would probably justify it as intellectual cleansing. One wonders if these historic book burnings would be included in the official Larry Schweikart version of world history. Larry is quite the fave on Fox. While other networks interview well respected historians and authors (Michael Beschloss and Doris Kearns Goodwin come to mind), Fox has embraced a right wing zealot as their official go to person for history. And being so not “fair and balanced,” there is no counterpoint to the right wing zealotry.

Once again, Fox genius (not) Steve Doocy introduced Schweikart in the “ongoing series, the trouble with textbooks.” Former weather guy Doocy began with the burning question “are liberal lies being taught to your children? Our next guest says “absolutely.” The first topic was a text which is a compendium of essays by teachers. Their sin, according to Doocy, is saying that history is not a set of fixed facts and events.” After reading the quote, MENSA member Steve said “huh?” Shweikart noted that the book was done in conjunction with the Organization of American Historians with the Journal of American History. (Comment: Sounds good to me; but I guess Larry thinks they’re commie pinkos). Schweikart read further from the quote (as usual, the quote was highlighted and the page blurred: “History was contested all along and continues to be contested.” He proclaimed that what these liberals are saying is that “we’re gonna change what happens in the past and make it fit our agenda.” (Comment: A great, big, ROFL on this irony. Fox News does this all the time. And textbooks, yeah Larry, let’s keep those old history books that do not include references to the contributions of minorities and women to American life and those references that talk about brutality towards minorities (especially native Americans) and American workers.) Another quote was read about how “In Bill Clinton’s impeachment, prosecutors found no evidence of lawbreaking.” (Comment: Without the rest of the paragraph, it’s difficult to judge this comment. But given that Clinton was acquitted, by the US Senate, the “evidence” of “lawbreaking” was not accepted.) Schweikart, who seemed to be equating impeachment with criminal court, said that “I think that’s a felony when you lie to a Grand Jury and it would land you and me in jail. (Comment: ROFL – it didn’t land Scooter Libby in jail, did it! But then in Larry Schweikart’s bizarro world history, Libby might be considered a hero.) But the most egregious sin of all was committed by a textbook that stated that “hijackers from the Middle East flew airplanes into the Twin Towers.” The original Trade Tower bombers were described as “six Arab men.” (Comment: neither of these comments are lies) Good Christian Doocy said that in both instances “there was no Islamic connection, it was all glossed over.” Schweikart said that this “is scary” because they avoid linking Islam, fundamentalist Islam” with these events. (Comment: So when there is abortion clinic violence, it’s OK to link it with Christian excesses?) Oh, I forgot – the chyrons, during the segment, read “Liberal ideology – trouble in U.S. classrooms” and “Accuracy in Academia – how textbooks distort US history. Doocey ended the segment with the usual exhortation for the kids to send these evil textbooks to Fox News. (But shouldn't the "kids" be in school? And if they're being home schooled, they won't be using these evil texts!!!)

Comment: Here’s the thing, Larry. You and your right wing xenophobes put together a nice, right wing history – you know, take history and make it fit your agenda. Give it to your caped crusaders. Let them take it to their local school boards. (Ha, ha) Here’s the thing, Fox News. I dare ya. Allow somebody from the reality based historical community or somebody from the publishing company to rebut Larry. Cuz otherwise, it’s just propaganda. But here’s the question Steve Doocy – once you have these seditious texts in your possession, what are you going to do about it? Huh? Care to respond. I double dare ya!