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Megyn Kelly's Happy Iraq

Reported by Ellen - January 21, 2009 -

Even in the middle of Barack Obama's inauguration, Megyn Kelly managed to hype some pet Republican talking points: Praise for President Bush, a warning about not leaving Iraq precipitously and some glowing words from the military about the glorious progress there. With video.

During her appearance on the 1/20/09 O'Reilly Factor, FOX News' Megyn Kelly reported from the Commander-in-Chief ball where she had been speaking to the miltiary.

“It's been so touching talking to these men and women here,” Kelly said. What was so touching? Why, it was their Republican-friendly politics.

Kelly said she asked members of the armed forces how they felt about the new Commander. “The same message from virtually everybody,” Kelly said. “First of all, they love President Bush... One guy saying, 'My only regret is that I couldn't shake his hand and he didn't come here tonight... so I could say to him, 'Thank you. Thank you for sticking to your guns.'"

Kelly continued, "Another guy saying, ...'My message to Barack Obama, if he would listen to me is, 'Let us finish the job.' They want to finish the job in Iraq.

Kelly added, "Another guy saying he had extended his tour in Iraq by six months because the amazing things he is seeing on the ground there. You know, he was like 'Women are voting. Children are going to the schools. Towns are getting back up and running. We want to finish the job.' That's why he volunteered for another six months and they are pumped up about closing the deal in Afghanistan.”

She closed by saying, “And they feel good about Barack Obama's message on Afghanistan, Bill.”

That was just about all she said about Obama during the segment.