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Bill O’Reilly Isn’t A Hate Monger?

Reported by Priscilla - January 21, 2009 -

“Schadenfreude” is defined as “enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.” As such, Bill was certainly enjoying a little of this on Monday night’s (January 19th) “Reality Check” segment of “The Factor.” O’Reilly reported that John Mancini, the “far left” Editor of Newsday, had been fired. Bill reminded us of Mancini’s “crime” – he dared to print an “absurd column saying that “The Factor” promoted violence because one of my books was found in the home of an accused killer” – a crime for which he was stalked by Bill O’Reilly’s personal stalker (whoops, producer) Jesse T Watters. But it seems that Mancini might be getting the last laugh as he’s now back at his job. Wonder if Bill will report that? But how dare he print an article saying that uber Christian Bill O’Reilly is a hate monger? How dare he?

Mancini had the audacity to include, in his paper, an article entitled “Does shock jock hate speech lead to violence?” by Jenna Kern-Rugile. Ms. Rugile, like the rest of us, was appalled that a peaceful and tolerant Unitarian Church was the target of a crazed man who, apparently, was a fan of Bill O’Reilly and other right wing haters (whoops pundits) whose books were in his possession. According to the Knoxville police, the accused killer targeted the church because of his belief that all liberals should be killed. The article cited specific examples of incendiary commentary about liberals by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage. She quoted O’Reilly saying that "the far left in America is dominated by haters, people who despise their own country” – a comment that is a familiar meme for Bill O’Reilly. Bill showed a video of Jesse Watters (he of Bill O’Reilly “saved” Christmas in Great Barrington, MA) asking Mancini to point out specific examples of Bill O’Reilly being hateful. Mancini responded that he doesn’t "take notes” of O’Reilly’s comments. (But I do!!!) Watters continued “so the times you’ve seen the show there’s examples of hate and misinformation?” (Oh, Jesse, can we talk!!!) to which Mancini said “absolutely.” When Watters, once again, asked if Mancini could point to one, Mancini said “nothing comes to mind.” (Comment: See, there you have it, Mancini can’t come up with something so that proves that Bill O’Reilly isn’t a bad guy.)

Bill-O said that Mancini “deserved to be removed” because he “ruined a once fine newspaper. The man ruined the paper. Enough with the kooky stuff.” But only two days later – this just in:
“Newsday editor John Mancini returns to newsroom.” According to Newsday, a dispute between Mancini and parent company, Cablevision Systems, Corp. “appears to have been resolved.”

Comment: Bill is constantly engaged in character assassination of specific people who don’t agree with his sick worldview. His claims of conservatives being victimized by liberal ideology (War on Christmas/Christians) are a constant whine. Bill, despite the message of Christmas world peace, immediately launched into a post Christmas “war” on the NY Times and liberals. He accused liberals of being self centered (little “projection” there?) and accused the “far left” of “viciously attacking American tradition.” And that’s just a small portion of stimuli for the pitchfork brigade who salivate at the word “liberal.” One has only to look no farther than the “Talking Points Memo” on the same night which said “the far left is devoid of humanity. It would rip this country apart in order to damage George Bush.” (Have ya grabbed yer pitchfork?!)

Here’s the challenge, dear readers. Feel free to post examples of “hate and misinformation.” We could start with Bill’s analysis of President Obama’s inaugural speech. Bill-O fantasized that “secular progressives were probably annoyed by the references to scripture." (Memo to Bill: You could consider a number of American churches “secular progressives” as they are gay tolerant – Bishop Gene Robinson quotes scriptures every time he officiates at a service.) But the aforementioned is relatively innocuous compared to “clustered gays” and women, who wear summer attire, being the target of “every predator in the world.” But there are lots more examples. Talk amongst yourselves! You want examples, Bill? I think we can bring it.