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Fox&Friends Webpage - "Obama's Ho" - Do Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

Reported by Priscilla - January 19, 2009 -

Fox technical staff, like any other staff, are only human and as humans they make mistakes – or do they? Earlier today (around 1PM, EST) I happened to be perusing the Fox&Friends website. I looked at the video selections to see if they had any Virgin Mary in the piece of Spam or wrestling Victoria’s Secret models vs. Aztec mummies kind of thing. My eye rested on the title of the first video under “Fox&Friends (second heading under Fox News video on the right side of the page). I was stunned and amazed; so I checked to see if my glasses were clean and reread the title. I said, “Oh, no they didn’t.” It is now 3:20 EST and it’s still on the webpage. But, I’ve been accused of hallucinating Fox News website captions (and the strongest drug I take is aspirin!) so I did take a screen print which I’m sharing for your viewing edification. The question is accident or design?

***Update - 6:45 EST - "ho" is still up there. Maybe it's time to send some e-mails to Fox&Friends!!!!


"Obama's Ho On Obama's Honey" - Excuse Me????!!!!!! Never mind "fact checking." Fox needs some quality control in the technical division. Maybe it's just a "mistake" like the "magic Negro" reference on the crawl. Oh, whoopsie?