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Bill O’Reilly Has “Fair And Balanced Discussion” Of Al Franken, Hollywood Franken Contributors, And George Soros? Just Kidding!!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - January 18, 2009 -

Last week, January 12th, Bill O’Reilly abandoned any pretenses to being “fair and balanced” in an Al Franken smear fest. His two guests were Andrew Breitbart, who has started a new Hollywood blog in the hopes that conservative tinsel towners will “come out” and Michael Brodkorb, founder of Minnesota Democrats Exposed blog. Now that’s a really balanced duo – not!!!! But the discussion did provide a forum for that “lying liar” Bill O’Reilly to trash several his nemeses (Franken, Hollywood, and George Soros.)

***Update - I think I found the "hit piece" that O''Reilly was alluding to. (The interview could have been taped prior to the January 9th article). But even if it isn't, it's fun - especially the description of Bill's "spittle-spewing tirade" at Barney Frank. And Bill does need to be corrected. According to the article, he says that "The people who disparage me don't watch or listen." Au contraire, Bill-O, I see and hear you far too frequently. I guess you could say that I'm looking out for you. Anyway, I recommend the article which has some great commentary about Hannity sans Colmes.


O’Reilly began the segment by saying that Norm Coleman won the initial votes; but “the recount put Franken ahead by 225 votes.” (Memo to Bill: The recount of these votes has been “certified” by the Minnesota Canvassing Board) Bill then did a litany of Hollywood stars who have donated to Franken, including “far left finance guy, George Soros.” Bill wanted to know if Hollywood money “made a difference” in the election (Memo to Bill: who cares!). Not surprisingly Brodkorb agreed and pondered whether a Franken victory would mean a “third” senate seat for California which would leave Minnesota “underserved.” O’Reilly cited a Survey USA poll which showed that 34% Minnesota liked Franken and then voiced astonishment that Franken can be a senator with those numbers. (Memo to Bill: According this poll, “38 percent of poll respondents said they had a favorable opinion of Coleman, and 37 percent had a favorable opinion of Franken. Forty-nine percent disagreed with Coleman’s decision to challenge the recount results, 42 percent agreed and 9 percent weren't sure.”) Not surprisingly Brodkorb said that Coleman won, the recount process was a “sham,” and that “Hollywood elite's money played an active role in making sure that Norm Coleman is behind in this recount process right now.” (Comment: So Michael, Hollywood bribed all those folks who, according to the bi-partisan canvassing board, cast votes for Franken?) O’Reilly claimed that the same survey showed that if the election were held today, Coleman would win. (Comment: If the Survey that I sourced is Bill’s source, there is, as far as I can see, no such question.) Drudge pal Breitbart whined that the Hollywood money was an “unfair advantage for the Democrats" because Hollywood conservatives can’t contribute to Republicans because “they would be outed by Politico” and that would damage their career. (Comment: I know, it’s strange; but I’m not making this up!) Bill went on a bizarre little rant about the magazine “Variety” which, according to Bill, is going to do a “hit piece” on him – according to Bill, the 100th one by the same author. (Comment: I googled Brian Lowry and couldn’t come up with 100 articles; but, whatever, Bill…) When O’Reilly said that there is a feeling, in GOP circles that Franken could win, Brodkorb was allowed to articulate all the bogus talking points that the Coleman campaign is circulating – “missing ballots in key Franken areas, the double counting of ballots in key Franken areas, the discovery of ballots in key Franken areas, and the inclusion of supposedly rejected absentee ballots in key Franken areas.” Brodkorb hoped that “a true accounting of the ballots will show that Senator Coleman was elected.” (Comment: Brodkorb seems to be a Karl Rove wannabe as shown by, in 2007, a smear campaign against a Demcratic candidate and Iraq war vet. Brodkorb also managed Republican Ron Carey’s candidacy for chairman of the Minnesota GOP. Carey is currently under investigation by the U.S. Attorney's offices for allegedly overbilled the State of Minnesota by 3 million dollars while he was chairman of the Minnesota Autism Center. Oh, and another thing. Bill didn’t mention that Brodkorb has, reportedly, been hired by the Republican Media Caucus, as their Media Director.)

Comment: Don’t ya love the fairness and balance?! I do have this fantasy – after Franken is seated in his Senate seat, he can send Bill O’Reilly a signed copy of “Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell,” signed Senator Al Franken!

BTW, as I’m writing this, I’m listening to the Inauguration Concert. It is truly awesome. John “Cougar” Mellencamp opened with a rousing “Little Pink Houses” backed up by an African American choir. Queen Latifah spoke of Marion Anderson. A opera singer, backed up by the U.S. Naval Academy choir, sang “You’ll never walk alone” while shots of American military members and their families ran on the video screens. Garth Brooks sung “Bye Bye American Pie.” U2 is now singing "In the Name of Love." Watch it tonight on HBO TV or HBO.com at 7PM and 11:30.