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Fred Barnes Has No Problem With Caller Describing Barack Obama As Monkey Boy?

Reported by Priscilla - January 17, 2009 -

Fred Barnes, a double dipper from the Murdoch trough (Weekly Standard and Fox News), recently appeared as a guest pundit on C-Span's "Washington Journal." Part of the format, for the show, is a call in segment during which the guest pundit takes calls from the public. On January 16th, Barnes took a call from a gentleman (?) and self professed fan of Fred Barnes who spoke of how Bush has protected this country from OBL and how he was "afraid if something happens, Mr. Monkey Boy won't be able to do nothing." Barnes, totally oblivious to the comment, replied that "We'll see. I'm obviously a little more encouraged about Obama than your are..." The show continued with nothing being said by Barnes or the moderator of the show. EXCUSE ME!!! A caller makes a RACIST statement and Fred Barnes just blithely goes on talking. Is it possible that Barnes didn't process the comment or is "monkey boy," in connection with President Elect Barack Obama, not a problem for Fred?

H/T to Think Progress

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