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Hannity And Guest Tell Us Lincoln Was A Neo-Con (And Obama Hates America)

Reported by Ellen - January 14, 2009 -

Sean Hannity and FOX News probably could have found legitimate grounds to question the parallels Barack Obama has been evoking between his own presidency and Abraham Lincoln's. But instead of real criticism, the audience of last night's (1/13/09) Hannity got outlandish smearing. Professor Larry Schweikart, an FNC regular, was so intent on discrediting Obama that he wound up making himself look bad instead. Among other ridiculous accusations, Schweikart suggested that Obama disregards the Constitution. In the next breath, Schweikart implied that Obama wasn't patriotic enough to throw journalists in jail, as Lincoln did. Hannity, meanwhile, decided that Lincoln would not have wanted to close Guantanamo Bay. With video.

A tip off to the tone of the segment can be found in the Cavuto mark of a subtitle to the video on FOXNews.com: “Are Democrats trying to steal Abraham Lincoln's legacy?”

The segment was laughably called “Your America.” What Hannity and FOX News really mean, of course, is that it's their America. It's the America in which Hannity and his FOX News cohorts hate mainstream, Democratic America while accusing them of not being pro-America.

Schweikart was the perfect guest for this get up. He's the author of a book called 48 Liberal Lies About American History. Not “48 Misconceptions About American History,” not even “48 Lies About American History” but “48 LIBERAL Lies.” His agenda is right there in the title. And I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts, as my mother used to say, that he spends a good chunk of his book complaining that others have an agenda.

Schweikart wasted no time attacking Obama, the man who was just elected with a solid majority. Schweikart's first comment was, “Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. I guess (Democrats) see a similarity (between Lincoln and Obama) because Lincoln spent a lot of money and Barack Obama wants to spend a lot of money. Lincoln, though, had a war to deal with. Obama doesn't.”

Apparently, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq don't count in Professor Schweikart's America.

Side-by-side photos of Lincoln and Obama appeared on the screen, as a large banner read: Stolen identity?

Schweikart continued, “Lincoln is known as the great emancipator. If Obama spends money the way he's planning to, he'll be known as the great incarcerator 'cause we're all gonna end up in debtor's prison.”

Even Hannity didn't seem to buy that one. He gave a quick “Alright,” and changed the subject.

After attacking our next president, Schweikart quickly moved into phase B: Accusing Obama of not being pro-America. Schweikart said, “Lincoln believed in the Constitution. Obama didn't mention the Constitution one time that I know of during the campaign.”

Maybe the professor should do his homework next time. A quick Google search turns up several instances in which Obama discussed the Constitution during the campaign including during his famous speech on race.

Hannity went on to suggest that Abraham Lincoln would not have wanted to shut down Guantanamo Bay.

Schweikart agreed. He said enthusiastically, “(Lincoln) threw into jail all sorts of editors and newspaper writers that were criticizing the war effort.”

How much do you want to bet that if Obama threw into jail any conservative journalists who criticzed his war effort that Hannity and Schweikart would be among the first and the loudest howlers?

Next, Schweikart implied that Obama doesn't want to win the war on terror. “Lincoln believed in winning the war first. If they'd had a Gitmo then, he certainly wouldn't have shut it down... Lincoln had a fundamental grounding in the Constituional principles of liberty, things that you do not hear Barack Obama speak about very often... (Lincoln would) certainly be opposed to the kinds of equality that Obama has planned for us in terms of taxes that are going to bring everybody together on some equal level.”

Schweikart concluded by accusing the media of having made up its mind in advance about Obama while proving he has done exactly that, himself: “The press has already made up its mind that this guy's gonna be one of the greatest presidents in history. And it's going to take a little bit of reality to start to convince them otherwise.”