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“Grapevine” Pushes Faux Fox Fantasy About New Global Warming “Czar’s” “Socialist” Ties – Ewwww, Socialism, Be Scared, Boogah-Boogah!!

Reported by Priscilla - January 14, 2009 -

For today’s right-wing, socialist baiting is the new red baiting. Those who get this message don’t have a freaking clue about socialism other than what their gurus tell them which is that it’s bad – so baaaad. Obama was frequently accused of being a scary socialist – in addition to being a Marxist and Islamic radical – go figure!!! Fox, being the propaganda network for the right wing, is running with a report sourced from the Washington Times and being peddled, on Fox, by non MENSA member Republican Senator Jim (no gays in my family and God won’t allow global warming) Inhofe that Obama’s new Global Warming “Czar” is connected to a “socialist” group. Fox News now has an article "Obama Climate Czarina Was Member of Socialist Group's Environmental Commission” on its website. You just can’t make this stuff up – wait a minute, Fox News can!!!!

In addition to the article and the interview with Inhofe about this scary thing, Fox also featured it on Monday night’s (January 12th) “Grapevine.” The title for the segment, on the transcript, is
“Obama’s Czar has socialist ties.” Bret Baier (the new Brit Hume) claimed that, according to the Washington Times, Carol Browner’s name is listed on the webpage for Socialist International. He reported that Obama’s team says that her membership in the group isn’t a problem and that it “brings experience in policy making to her new role.” While Baier was speaking, a photo of Browning, next to the socialist emblem (rose in fist) was shown. (Comment: I’m surprised she wasn’t shown next to a photo of “Che.”) Baier read a quote from a spokeswoman for Minority House Leader, John Boehner: “Does she agree with the group's positions on global governance- that the United States should abdicate its international leadership to international organizations? Does she support its position that the international community should be the ultimate arbiter of climate change policy?" (Memo to Boehner – you’re the minority now. Deal with it.) In case you were confused, Baier added that climate change has been identified as a priority in the Obama administration.

Comment: Browner, Obama's energy and environment advisor, was (briefly) a member of the Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society – not the Socialist International (was Baier’s writer thinking of the Socialist anthem?) The term “czar” is not being used by the Obama administration; but it is a creation of the right wing – and a strange one because the Romanoff’s weren’t “socialists.” This “socialist” group isn’t a bunch of red flag waving zealots at the barricades; but rather a group which “convened in November 2007 to articulate from the world of progressive politics a way forward to address global environmental concerns, climate change and the issues of governance required to deal with these common challenges at 10 Downing Street, hosted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Leader of the British Labour Party.” Ewww – scary. It works with the National Democratic Institute to “support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide by promoting citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.” Ewwww-scary. Included in its membership is the “center-left New Democratic Party of Canada, the center-left Israeli Labor Party, and the ruling Labour Party in Great Britain.” According to the “Wonk Room” at Think Progress, Steven Milloy, a “scholar” at the anti global warming “Competitive Enterprise Institute” and columnist for FOX NEWS found out about Ms. Browner’s membership and ran with it – straight to a newspaper chain run by right wing Christian Phillip Anschutz who is connected to petroleum and intelligent design groups. Check out the Wonk Room for the chronology of the lunacy which lead to Fox News. From what I can determine, it’s a reaction to the reality based science, of the Obama administration, by the 6,000 year old earth crew and big oil. And what does the right wing do when they’re upset? They lie and smear – aided and abetted by Fox News. The spirit of Joe McCarthy is alive and well on Fox News. Be scared, be so scared of those socialists (and not Alaska secessionists) cuz like those body snatchers,” they’re here and you're next.” Oh nooooooo!!!!!!

HT to Think Progress