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Bill O’Reilly Says Teen Pregnancy Due To “No Judgmental Values Education” – Excuse Me?

Reported by Priscilla - January 14, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly is the product of a Catholic education where sex was not discussed unless it was in the context of “mortal sin.” But despite the constant admonition that sex was “dirty” and that girls who had pre-marital sex were Babylonian whores, girls (and boys) did have sex and some girls got pregnant. Because of the shame heaped upon unwed mothers, the girls were whisked away from school, never to be seen again. If they did return, they had recovered from a case of “mono.” Because of the pressure to give up the babies, these girls, now adults, live with the anguish of not knowing what became of their children. These are the days that America’s Daddy wants to go back to – a time when women were stigmatized. It’s all about punishment – which didn’t work on Bill who was, I suspect, told that “dirty” thoughts and words were high up on the sin parade. So when America’s Daddy opined, the other night (January 12th), about teen pregnancy, it was– nauseating.

Bill and his stable of “culture warriors” (I’m not kidding, he refers to them as such) Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley (who actually described Sarah Palin as Ann Margaret in “Kitten with a whip”) discussed teen pregnancy after Bill showed a short clip of two teens, on the Tyra Banks show, discussing why they wanted to have a baby. Bill, appropriately, said that this was “sad” because no 14 or 15 year old can take care of a baby. So far, so good. But then Bill, being Bill, said that “it was absolutely true that despite the denials, those girls in Glocester wanted to get pregnant.” (Comment: As shown by this statement, it’s Bill who is doing the denial!) Hoover correctly noted that these girls have no self esteem. Crowley was correct in saying that the girls have no parental guidance. So far, so good. I was pleased to hear Hoover say “babies having babies, like Jamie Lynne Spears and Bristol Palin – that’s not a good idea.” Bill, needing an opportunity to bloviate, said “but this is a moral judgment that secular progressives will not make. You never see that. That’s what Monica is talking about. In every sex/health class, the teachers should be saying that you don’t have a baby unless you have money, a job, a husband.” (Comment: Whoa, stop the presses. Money and jobs are important. A husband is nice. But if a woman is economically self sufficient, a husband isn’t vital. Would Bill say this to unmarried Laura Ingraham, who is a single mother!? What a sexist.) Bill kept ranting, “you think that they say that in the public schools?” Hoover, said “of course they don’t.” (Comment: Did Hoover attend public schools, does she have children in public schools. Just asking….) Crowley (same questions, as I asked about Hoover, apply here), eager to jump on the bash public schools bandwagon, said that schools “aren’t parenting. They have teachers unions” at which point Bill jumped in with “but they give you birth control.” Hoover, who does seem somewhat rooted in reality, said that “you need to get away from the bi-polar system of either abstinence or adoption” at which point Bill interrupted with “you said they weren’t parents. It’s a philosophy that has dominated education, we’re not gonna tell you what to do even if it harms you.” Crowley chimed in “it’s not our job. Parents have made such a fuss that parents can’t do their job, teachers have backed off.” (Comment: Whoa, stop the presses. The opposition to comprehensive sex ed is because conservative parents feel it’s up to the parents, not the school, to teach sex ed.) That’s when Bill said that “there is no judgmental education.”

Comment: What could have been an interesting discussion, about teen pregnancy, turned into a right wing misinformation and Bill shout fest. Once again, it was a forum for Bill O’Reilly to push his twisted view of reality. Once again, the viewer is left with the impression that schools aren’t doing their job. If Bill were really interested in presenting an informative treatment of the subject, he could have interviewed somebody from a school department or a social worker who deals with pregnant teens. At least in these “secular progressive” times, teens can keep their babies and continue to attend school – not an option Bill’s “good old days.” Teen pregnancy is a very complex problem. In any discussion of teen pregnancy, the issue of abstinence education should be addressed as the states with the highest number of pregnant teens are those in which abstinence only sex ed is the only option. If teen preganancy is a fault of liberal’s lack of judgmental values, then what happened to Bristol Palin? But America’s Daddy knows all the answers and all I can say is “Poppa don’t preach!”