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More War Imagery From The Muy Macho Culture Warrior Bill O’Reilly

Reported by Priscilla - January 13, 2009 -

The “Talking Points” chyron, “Out for Revenge,” from last night (January 12th), could have been a title for Bill O’Reilly’s memoirs (as opposed to “bold, fresh, piece” of fill in the blank!). The title of the segment, “Barack Obama and the revenge factor,” could be a description of Bill’s show. Once again, Bill’s delusions and paranoia were front and center as he opened his TP (and what do these letters signify???) with a rant about how the “far left,” since the Obama victory, is on a “rampage” (Memo to Bill – you really need some new verbiage as this stuff is hardly bold and fresh.) His background visual aid (the summary of his statements, just in case you weren’t listening) read that “the far left is emboldened and ON THE ATTACK (don’t you love the muy macho war imagery?!) and promoting a variety of ultra liberal policies which Bill verbalized as gay marriage and opposition to “enhanced interrogation techniques.” (Memo to Bill – that’s called “torture.”) Once again, the “rampage” was from our favorite loofah Lancelot.

Bill claimed, without citing his sources, that “most Americans reject the nutty extremists” and while licking his lips (ewwww) said, triumphantly, that one of nemeses, The Seattle Post Intelligence was going out of business. The visual read “far left newspapers in catastrophe mode.” (Memo to Bill – the Hearst Corporation has announced that it will try to sell the paper and MIGHT close it down if it doesn’t find a buyer in 60 days – but details, details!) Bill repeated another TP when he said that he criticized the paper when they refused to cooperate with the FBI. (see News Hounds for further explanation.) After he showed a clip of his pit bull, Jesse Watters, stalking the editor of the paper, he claimed that the folks in Seattle want no part of the paper. (Comment: so the evil Seattle residents who didn’t rise up, with pitchforks, about the “atheist display” are now punishing this evil liberal paper? Really?) Bill claimed that other papers are having financial problems because “people want news not fanaticism.” (Comment: your show is popular so there is a market for fanaticism.) (Memo to Bill: the demise of newspapers has been attributed, in the reality based world, to the rise of the internet.) Bill claimed that Obama understand that he was elected because of the economy and not for ideological reasons (Memo to Bill: what part of “change” don’t you understand). The background graphic read “the far left is running wild demanding that the Bush administration be prosecuted for criminal wrong doing.” Bill played a clip of Obama speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopolous about the possibility of investigating wrongdoing in the Bush administration. Bill then claimed, without any substantive data, that “most Americans reject that kind of madness” and “Obama is smart not to fall into the left wing trap.” Bill stated that “Obama is moving away from the anti terror policies that have kept us safe.” He ended by advising Obama to “walk away from zealotry even if it comes from his own supporters. If he doesn’t he’ll fail.” (Comment: Bill knows from zealotry!)

Comment: So good Christian Bill is advising President-Elect Barack Obama to heed his advice. Right Bill-O, I’m sure he’s listening and taking notes. And BTW, Bill, I guess distinguished George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley is a “far left zealot.” Turley said that …”if we don’t investigate this administration for war crimes and illegality — particularly war crimes — someone else might. The fact is that the rest of the world sees these as war crimes…” Dawn Johnson, Obama’s pick to lead the Office of Legal Counsel, must be one of those bomb throwing commies as she, according to Obama, said that “If crimes have been committed, they should be investigated,” It’s ironic that Bill O’Reilly, whose comments are all about “getting people” and who obsesses on Al Franken, would advise Obama to “move on.” I also wonder if Bill’s image of Obama, being “pressured” by “radicals” is really Bill’s own bizarro world view where radicals are lurking everywhere. Be scared, Bill because like those “body snatchers,” they’re here and your next.” Oh, noooooooo!!!