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Bill O’Reilly, “America’s Daddy” Loves Sarah Palin, America’s “Mama Grizzly”

Reported by Priscilla - January 12, 2009 -

Just when you thought that she had disappeared back into the frozen north, Sarah Palin comes right back at ya. The election is over and folks have moved on. So, in order to remind the pitchfork gang that she’s still the reigning Republican queen, Sarah Palin is once again “ready for her closeup.” And to give her that face time that she so desperately craves, radio talk show host and “filmmaker” John Ziegler, fresh from a verbal ass whipping from professional statistician and “538” genius, Nate Silver regarding Ziegler’s dubious “poll” (embarrassment for Zogby),provided it. Palin’s interview was just another exercise in the right wing politics of victimhood and scapegoating – so who better to support that whining than the king of right wing victimhood and scapegoating – Bill O’Reilly, America’s Daddy.

Bill engaged, methinks, in a bit of projection when he claimed, on last Friday’s “Talking Points about “the return of Sarah Palin, that Palin “put forth some legitimate anger” in her interview with Ziegler. O’Reilly then showed the film clip of Tina Fey saying that “marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.” (Comment: My first reaction was to think that maybe this was over the line; but Palin did use her pregnant daughter and her “fiancé” as campaign props…) Palin, in the video clip, described her reaction to Fey’s “attack” on her farmily as “the grizzly rises up in me.” (Comment: ewww, is that like the Alien or like when Dr. Banner turns into the “Incredible Hulk?”) O’Reilly then played the section of the video when Palin played the “class” card and wondered if Caroline Kennedy will be scrutinized as much as she was. Working class hero Bill agreed with her and made the unsubstantiated claim that “the fact that she does come from a working-class background certainly alienated some snobby media types.” (Comment: where to begin? Sarah Palin burst onto the scene as a Vice-Presidential candidate 6 weeks before the election so, yeah, she got scrutinized. Kennedy, not even a candidate for the Senate, has certainly not been anointed by the press which has asked all kinds of questions regarding her qualifications and persona. Much has been written about the downside to US “dynastic” politics. Scrutiny of Palin was based on her record and her policy positions – not class.) Bill played Palin’s comments about how the blogs treated her son, Trig. Naturally, Bill agreed and said, “Again, the governor hits the mark. Corrupt mainstream media reporters now use guttersnipes on the Net as legitimate sources, and that is dangerous.” (Comment: Do you REALLY want to go there, Bill? First, the Trig rumors were not published on the mainstream press and second “guttersnipes on the net?” Do you mean those, on right wing blogs, who continue to say that President-Elect Barack Obama attended a radical Madrassah as a youth, is a Marxist who “pals around with terrorists, was born in Kenya, and all the other scurrilous b.s. that comes from right wing guttersnipes and came, in part, from Fox News. Your “reporting” is televised guttersniping.) Bill finished up with Palin claiming that if she had run as the Vice President on the Democratic ticket, attitudes toward her would be different. (Comment: Here’s the thing, Mama Grizzly. The Democrats would not have selected an anti-choice, pro-creationism, pro-abstinence education, right winger who has trouble putting together coherent thoughts and whose method of communication involves personal attacks and annoying winks. Beyond your groupies, you don’t really have that much marketability, so don’t flatter yourself.)

Comment: While Bill was, ostensibly, defending Sarah Palin, I just couldn’t help thinking that it was yet another vehicle for Bill to project his own issues and in so doing, validate them. It also provided, yet, another opportunity for Bill to bash the media. “Talking Points” reveal a Bill-o-centric world and it’s a very small one, indeed!