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Hannity Asks: What's The Difference, Morally Speaking, Between Bill Clinton And Blagojevich?

Reported by Ellen - January 10, 2009 -

During the final Hannity & Colmes show on 1/9/09, Sean Hannity seemed wistful as he reminisced about the impeachment days of Bill Clinton. Then, in an obvious bout of wishful (albeit fantastical) thinking, he asked guest Lanny Davis (a former Clinton spokesman on the show) if Rod Blagojevich's transgressions weren't similar to Clinton's. With video.

Despite an hour-long celebration of the show's 12-year run, lots of reminiscing and a “top of the line” Rolex watch as a gift from Hannity to Colmes, the producers made sure to work in some discussion about Rod Blagojevich.

Hannity said to Davis: You want (Blagojevich) to resign. Then why were you such a staunch defender – Clinton sex, intern, lies to the American people? What's the difference, morally speaking?

Davis: Do you think it's a possible pattern whenever I'm on we talk about Bill Clinton?

Hannity: No, no, no. No, but I want to understand your mind set.

Davis: The difference is pretty significant. Bill Clinton was guilty of a private indiscretion that was between him and his God and his wife. But he didn't do anything corrupt. What you heard on those tapes involves public corruption. That's the difference.

To say the least! Can you imagine the outrage if a Democrat had tried to equate, say, the Larry Craig or Mark Foley scandal to Blagojevich? And speaking of outrage, why didn't Davis show any outrage for being asked such a question? Why didn't he turn it around and ask Hannity why he is such a staunch defender of Tom DeLay? Unlike Blagojevich, DeLay has been indicted.