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Greg Gutfeld – Funny Or “Sexist Pig?”

Reported by Priscilla - January 7, 2009 -

From the videos that I have seen, of Fox News’s Red Eye program, the humor is pitched at conservative men whose sexuality was flat lined during Junior High. The show is a great example of the cognitive dissonance of a news network that, while promoting Christian “family values,” also tolerates “humor” that is below gutter level. I found a video, from June 2008, which seems to underscore this strange dichotomy of a station that has Bill O’Reilly ranting about far left sexual libertines and Greg Gutfeld doing breast humor.

The video features Greg Gutfeld “reprimanding” a viewer who wants the chyrons removed from video footage of women’s breasts in order to get “the money shot.” While Gutfeld, laughingly, claims that this is a show that is “more than women’s cleavage… that women have brains… that they can talk about politics" – the camera is focused on the chest of a woman on the show. But then this is a Murdoch network and Murdoch did promote the “page three girl” in his British paper. Fox News continues this prurient theme with mini-skirted newsbabes reading right-wing propaganda and lots of “T&A” on a supposed finance show. This must be the “traditional” culture that Bill O’Reilly is talking about! Gotta love those right wing comedic stylings which range from Ann Coulter’s assassination “jokes” to Greg Gutfeld’s women as body parts humor!!!

Here's the link.

I'll try to get you the video when I work out the kinks. (I'm new at this part of the process!)