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Bill O’Reilly Cites WSJ Article Which “Suggests” “Cheating” In Franken/Coleman Senate Race While Smearing Minnesota Secretary Of State

Reported by Priscilla - January 7, 2009 -

The Republicans desperately, I mean desperately, want Republican Norm Coleman to maintain his senate seat. So much so that two Murdoch media outlets, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal (along with the usual rightwing, big, fat media mouthpieces), are promoting the meme that the Minnesota Board of Canvassers acted inappropriately during the recount of votes. In addition to citing as “gospel,” the WSJ article, Bill also impugned the honesty and integrity of the Minnesota Secretary of State. One wonders if Bill would be so passionate about the issue if Franken lost the final tally. America’s Daddy won’t be happy if Al Franken (on O’Reilly’s enemies list) is the next US Senator from Minnesota.

On Monday night’s (January 5th) Talking Points, O’Reilly claimed that “another embarrassment” could be “brewing” in Minnesota because the Wall Street Journal is “suggesting” that there is “cheating,” on the part of the state, with regard to the recount of the ballots in the Franken/Coleman race.(Comment: well, that’s it then, case closed, seat Norm Coleman because the WSJ says so.) Without noting that both Fox News and the WSJ are owned by the same parent company, Bill said that “the Journal backs up its opinion with a number of disturbing facts, including 25 precincts in Minnesota having more ballots than people signed up to vote.” (Comment: That proves it!) Bill asserted that “early on, "The Factor" questioned whether Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie was honest enough to run a clean election, and now the evidence says he is not.” (Comment: What evidence? But when America’s Daddy wants to defame somebody, who cares about evidence?!) Bill admonished Minnesota Governor Pawlenty to “aggressively pursue an honest count here or this will become a major scandal for the state of Minnesota.” Bill then made the delusional and factually incorrect claim that the “liberal press” is downplaying this. (Comment: a google search produces hundreds of articles from the “liberal press” about this matter.) One wonders if Fox will downplay Minnesota's former Republican Governor Arne Carlson's statment which urges Coleman to concede!

The article in the WSJ did not produce any evidence of this so called cheating other than what Norm Coleman’s team is saying. Neither O’Reilly nor the WSJ mentioned that the canvassing board is politically bi-partisan. But poor Bill-o is needs the propaganda to convince his viewers and himself that, if Franken is eventually seated (and it looks likely), that it was done dishonestly; and as such, Franken’s title of senator is tainted. Poor Bill just won’t be able to deal with the fact that a Franken victory means that Al Franken is “good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like” him – three qualities that can’t describe Bill O’Reilly.

P.S. Earlier today, I caught Megyn Kelly's interview with Minnesota Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie (the one whom O'Reilly says is dishonest). In talking about Franken's victory, in the recount, she started to say the word "win" - but caught herself and said "came out ahead." LOL - talk about Foxspeak. Major media are referring to it as a "win" - but I guess that the memo from Moody has instructions to say otherwise!