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“Invasion Of The Transvestites” Not A Horror Movie But A Bill O’Reilly Talking Point

Reported by Priscilla - January 6, 2009 -

“Invasion of the Transvestites” would certainly be a great title for a campy horror movie based on “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” But America’s Daddy, Bill O’Reilly, wasn’t talking about possible screenplays when he, once again, obsessed about how the gay rights movement has been taken over by malevolent forces that have made the people of San Francisco into gay tolerant pod people - a frightful specter that is just a precursor to the end of “traditionalist” loofah, loving life as Bill O’Reilly knows it. Yes, in his state of paranoia, bizarre Bill has added a new fear card to his deck. It just not gays that you need to fear, it’s those transvestites. Be afraid, be very afraid!!!!!

Bill discussed the recent vandalism of the pro-gay Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in San Francisco where vandals spray painted swastikas and commentary about Pope Benedict. O’Reilly discussed the situation, during his “culture warriors” segment of last night’s show, with his blonde conservative wing women, Monica Crowley and Margaret Hoover. Hoover was actually assertive in the first part of the discussion which was about whether Pat Robertson’s prediction of an America sliding into socialism would come true. While Hoover was making some valid point, Bill (quite patronizingly) said that “Margaret was just babbling” to which Hoover giggled and looked demure. The second part of the discussion was about the aforementioned incident of vandalism which provided Bill with a forum to, once again, bash “radical” gays and San Francisco. O’Reilly did admit that the mayor of San Francisco condemned the action which, according to Bill, was "embarrassing" to San Francisco. He also said that this doesn’t reflect the gay community in San Francisco or anywhere else. But then, he took a hard right turn into looney toon land when he claimed that ”the reason this is happening is because the invasions of the transvestites are accepted by most people” in San Francisco. Monica Crowley heartily agreed and claimed that “the authorities did nothing because they didn’t crack down on the original desecrations of the churches.” (Comment: according to news accounts the police are investigating. What does Crowley want – a round up of random gay people who will then be waterboarded?) She added that “you’re gonna see more of this.” She said (accurately) that this church was wrongly targeted because it is gay friendly; but “where is the targeting of the black community and the black churches because the black vote really did….” at which point she was over talked by Bill who said “that’s not going to happen because it doesn’t fit into the hatred of Christianity which drives this militant gay movement.” (Comment: huh? Are Bill and Monica saying that black churches won’t be targeted because they’re not Christian or that militant gays don't target white churches ? This comment makes no sense and I am quoting verbatim.) Hoover said that this kind of activity makes the gay rights movement look bad and marginalizes them. Bill responded that “it doesn’t marginalize the far left in San Francisco.” Bill predicted that “there is a strain of these people that are so hateful that there’s gonna be more of this.” (Comment: Bill talking about “hate” – oh, pot meet kettle.”)

Comment: It should be noted that Crowley’s desire to see black churches “targeted” is part of the right wing myth that blacks were responsible for the passing of Prop 8. This is debunked on the excellent statistical site FiveThirtyEight which ascribes the victory to a generational dynamic rather than racial. There was no organized Prop 8 campaign by black churches as there was by the Catholic and Mormon churches. Many black voters (a small percentage of the total number of voters), who voted for Prop 8, attend white churches. But it is interesting that O’Reilly and Crowley seem to want black churches to be vandalized? But even more important was the message that from the deep space of radical liberalism, they’re coming to plant their evil seeds and sow terror in the American heartland – it’s the invasion of the San Francisco transvestites!!!!!! And Bill O’Reilly, in a Kevin McCarthy role, is shouting”They're here already! You're next!"