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Bill O’Reilly Plays The Fox Fear Factor Card And Again Lies About A NY Times Editorial

Reported by Priscilla - January 5, 2009 -

Fox News does love to incite fear (and loathing) of those who don’t meet the high standards of right wing orthodoxy – i.e. minorities, gays, immigrants (read Hispanics), the ACLU, “liberal” academia – just to name a few. Last week’s “Talking Points” was a classic example of playing the fear factor along with the smear factor as Bill O’Reilly used this show segment to rev up (project his own paranoia) fear of the “far left” with totally misrepresented comments from the NY Times used as “examples” of those who threaten the American (O’Reilly) way of life. He also smeared the incoming Secretary of the Department of labor in the process. But the real message was that President-Elect Barack Obama will be “under siege” (don’t ya love the macho “battle imagery” – but he is a “culture warrior.”) So be afraid, be very afraid.

Bill warned us that the “sometimes violent” reaction to Prop 8 (be scared of gays) was just a precursor to what’s to come and “the true indicator of what's to come is The New York Times, which walks point for the radical left.” (Comment: So Bill Kristol and David Brooks work for a “radical left” newspaper!!) Bill claimed that a recent NY Times editorial “called for the following: an end to the border fence with Mexico, amnesty for illegal aliens, union rights for illegal aliens.” This last statement is an outright LIE as nowhere in the editorial does the Times call for this. (Comment - Course Bill’s peasants with pitchfork brigade don’t read the Times so they don’t know that Bill is lying – the result being that those with hatred toward immigrants are getting that hatred reinforced. Nice.) The Times editorial discussed the failures of the Bush immigration policy and how that policy appealed to the fear and loathing that Bill O’Reilly is encouraging: “To appease Republican nativists, it lavished scarce resources solely on hunting down and punishing illegal immigrants. Its campaign of raids, detentions and border fencing was a moral failure. Among other things, it terrorized and broke apart families and led to some gruesome deaths in shoddy prisons. It mocked the American tradition of welcoming and assimilating immigrant workers.” The Times did not call for an end to the border fence; but rather characterized it as an “inadequate enforcement scheme.” (Comment: Fox doesn’t deal in nuance as that’s “above the pay grade” of the Fox viewer (and Bill O’Reilly) who sees the world in stark black and white.) O’Reilly then referenced the incoming Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis as “favoring blanket amnesty and very few restrictions on illegal immigration. (Comment: I don’t know which dark bodily orifice that Bill pulled this from because Solis, as far as I can determine, does not favor “blanket amnesty;” but it sure sounds like good propaganda) But Bill revealed why he is smearing Ms. Solis: “she partnered with the radical left Media Matters organization to oppose my investigation into the Virginia Beach sanctuary city situation…” What Bill isn’t telling you is that Solis was part of a group which issued a study that found that reported that O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and Lou Dobbs engage in “not just with vitriolic rhetoric, but also with a series of myths that feed viewers' resentment and fears, fostering hostility toward immigrants.” BTW, Solis was a cosponsor of a bipartisan bill which, according to an Arizona Republican Congressman, would provide “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Bill lurched straight into Nativist paranoia land when he claimed that the “far left goal is to create a new America where workers, many of them foreign-born, control the voting process. Therefore, a massive amount of immigration helps that vision” and that “the New York Times well understands it will never persuade traditional Americans, so the radical left must bring in new voters and viciously attack American tradition as being bigoted and cruel.”

Comment: So according to Bill, “foreign born” workers control the voting process. Flash back 150 years ago and the same kind of nativist jerks were upset about the Irish (Bill’s ethnic group) being allowed into politics. They were also upset that the new Irish (and later other immigrant groups) would destroy American culture – especially the Catholics (Bill's religion) who, they speculated, would be governed by the Pope. Bill’s comment was an insult to any “foreign born” American citizen who exercises their right to vote. Would Bill say this to the members of the Cuban American political community many of whom were born in Cuba – including Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez? Was the vote of the late US Rep. and holocaust survivor, Tom Lantos, tainted because he was born in Hungary? And how does the arrival of new immigrants relate to “attacking” American tradition? Is that the American tradition of exploiting and vilifying immigrants? If one sees Nativism as a “tradition” (and Bill is a “traditionalist” who mourns the demise of the "white, male, Christian power structure") then he is part of a continuum of hatred and lies – aided and abetted by Fox News and those who believe the lies and smears.