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Bill O’Reilly, Again, Misrepresents NY Times Editorial As A Way To Smear Liberals As “Godless” – Oh, The Irony!!!

Reported by Priscilla - December 31, 2008 -

As I noted, yesterday, Monday night’s Talking Points Memo (one does wonder where the “talking points” emanate from – the RNC or the little voices in the head…??) was a hate filled and paranoid rant. But there was one consistent thread and that was an attack on the NY Times. (as if his Bell Curve lefties would ever read it!). I guess the Christmas message of “peace on earth” didn’t rub off on America’s Daddy as he’s back to bearing false witness against liberals. Bill, as a Fox/rightwing deity, is able to divine and define what liberals think and according to our not so holy father, it’s not good. According to Bill, the NY Times just proves that liberals are “godless” – as opposed to the loofah loving Church man, Bill O’Reilly. “Bless me father for I have sinned.” Right, Bill? Nah, America’s Daddy’s soul is as white and pure as “Hannity’s America.”

Not so surprisingly, Bill took a quote, from a recent NY Times editorial, totally out of context in order to prove his propaganda point that liberals are bad: “Finally, on Christmas Day, The Times said this on its editorial page: "Christmas needs no saving. It does not exist apart from what we make of it." There you go. The secular-progressive creed. It's only about us, nothing else. No higher power, no greater good.” Back to reality. The editorial was about how Christmas has been commercialized and that when we look back 50 years (to Bill’s happy days) we realize how much more simple it was. If Bill included the sentences before and after the one that he used, the meaning of the editorial becomes clear and the meaning that Bill ascribes to it becomes ludicrous. Here it is in its entirety:

“You may be finding a way to a new and simpler Christmas this year, but that was once the usual kind of Christmas. What it comes down to, perhaps, is saving Christmas from the idea that Christmas will save us — that the shopping we do this season will keep the economy afloat or give us the buoyancy we need for the coming year. But, really, Christmas needs no saving. It does not exist apart from what we make of it. And, on its own, it cannot save us, though it contains the gestures of generosity and thankfulness that are halfway to being a better person, a richer community. Christmas is all the better for being a simple place, nothing more, perhaps, than two red cardinals, male and female, against the backdrop of a snowy field. They are there every day. The only difference is that today it feels like Christmas.”

Comment: Did Bill, being the paranoid narcissist that he is, think that the NY Times was “attacking” him because they said that his “mission” is unnecessary? Who knows? But what we do know is that generosity and thankfulness are not part of Bill O’Reilly’s twisted personality. For Bill, Christmas is yet another opportunity to continue his attacks on others with his “culture war" of lies and smears. And for him to say that “secular progressives” have “no higher power” is offensive and uninformed as liberals do care about those less fortunate and their caring comes in the form of good works. The United Church of Christ is a liberal church; but according to Bill, they are selfish atheists! And “only about us?” – hahahahah – Everything Bill says is really all about him! Does Bill make this country a better or more bitter place? What does he offer other than hatred which is given a forum in his “talking points” - a nightly, national forum which shows just what a truly, despicable, “worst person” that he is.