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Nice Try Neil — Goodbye PUMA

Reported by Melanie - December 23, 2008 -

Last spring and summer Neil Cavuto couldn't get enough of PUMA (the PartyUnitedMyAss crowd): Cavuto Fave Will Bower, the Founder of PUMA, Exposed as a Liar. What will Cavuto do Next? He ate it up when Bower said PUMA was poised to pay off Hillary Clinton's campaign debt:

During his July 21 appearance (link above) with substitute host David Asman, Bower claimed that his group, also known as JustSayNoDeal, had "an initiative before the 4th of July to raise money to put down [Hillary Clinton's] debt. And within that week leading up to the 4th of July we raised approximately $10 million. Our most conservative estimates have it at 6 million but we're looking more at 10 million. Our sources tell us that the debt is now less than $5 million away from being in the black and we're doing one final push ah, today and tomorrow to get our members to contribute just five more dollars or whatever they can and we believe that by this weekend that Hillary's debt will be finished."

Woo hoo! Power to the Obama haters.

That was July. Five months later — as in yesterday — there's this:

Clinton Cancels $13 Million in Personal Campaign Loans.

Has anyone seen Cavuto eating crow over this? If so, let me know.